All About The Lists And The Lister

1. I, Laura Ross Spencer (Never Listless Laura), love to write lists. Now you get to enjoy my love of lists.

2. Usually, my lists are not numbered. They are written in a book or on a scrap of paper or in the subject of an email to myself.

3. When people see my lists they think I am a crazy lady. I have a notebook that I started when my daughter was born that I now keep my lists in. I write ridiculously small... I turn one row into at least two. Then I circle, highlight, cross out and rewrite the list until it looks like a crazy lady list.

4. I mainly list about everyday to-dos. House projects take up about 75% of that list.

5. I usually don't share my lists with anyone including my husband, Scott, but I am going to share my lists with you.

6. Sometimes, I will share a to do list that I am working on and tell you about a project that I have completed on it.

7. I am positive that you will get lots of random lists (Read: ALL RANDOM LISTS), plenty of spazzy opinions and lots of talk about my daughter, Cora.

8. I used to write lists about things I needed to do before i left the house like brush my teeth, put on socks, put on deodorant. I even decorated and laminated the list and brought it with me to college. I was and still am made fun of incessantly about this.

9. Aside from listing I love to decorate my house. I am constantly thinking of ways to change it. When I was little I would rearrange my bedroom furniture at least once a month. I also started collecting and obsessing over Ikea catalogues around the age of 10.

10. I love to paint. I love to paint wearing ridiculous clothes (usually all of one color and usually the clothing is at least 15 years old).

11. I love to organize things. I could look at before and after organizational photos every second for the rest of my life and be a happy lady.

12. I love to be with my family and friends. They have learned to accept that I am insane. Maybe they have even embraced it.

13. Lists keep my brain working. If I lose my list the stress begins.

14. I am clumsy

15. I like to learn about muscles, health, and the body

16. I love games!

17. Sometimes I have an electronic force field and can break every electronic thing within 10 feet of me.

18. I don't know the words to any songs but I sing them like I do.
Singing "Must Be Santa" by Raffi with my mom and sister makes me laugh so hard I cry.

19. I am not a very good googler but I am a fanstic google-imager.

20. My husband is the best cook in the world! He makes the healthiest food possible and it takes him no time at all.

21. I have known most of my best friends since pre-school, elementary school and middle school. I know some hilariously awesome people!

22. I get really excited about things. Right now, I am really excited about this blog. I am going to try my best to keep that excitement up.


  1. Laura I'm so excited about this! Get ready for me to comment on almost everything ;) your "about me" section makes me smile

  2. I LOVE number 12 and also I think number 20 should have also included that your husband is pretty good at making sister sister olympics opening ceremonies cakes FROM SCRATCH!!!!

    Ps. I love the blog! I subscribed immediately and will be reading daily!:) You may have even inspired me to create a blog...I've been thinking about it but I don't even know what I'd blog about...I'll have to keep thinking! LUMU!

  3. Yay, Laura!
    May you never run out of things to list and blog about. This is so entertaining.