Thursday, August 7, 2014

Decorating Bins With Kid Artwork Bunting

Closets are sacred around here. You know we like to use every inch of space (example #1 #2 #3 #4) and closets are the hidden gems that make our house work. So it is time for another closet in town to shine. And that closet belongs to my sweet little baby girl.

Eventually, we plan for Cora and August to share a room. A very smart lady suggested that we give them each a space that is just theirs when shared bedroom city comes to town. And that space is called Cora's huge closet.

We are calling it her "hidey hole" to differentiate it from her and August's cubby hole. Too many holes? I am not ready to introduce you to it completely but I wanted to give you a taste of the pink party that is involved and let you in on a fun little way to decorate plain bins.

Cora got to pick the colors of her hidey hole and it is no secret around here that her favorites are pink and yellow. I even let her pick the swatch.  It turns out that "Shrimp" is the winning shade of pink in her eyes.

I found a few bins in the Target dollar aisle. They were $3 each and a bit better looking than the bins you can find at the dollar store. The only problem is that pink walls and pink bins equal WAYYYY too much pink. This is when my love for bunting stepped in to solve the problem. Cora's artwork display was in need of a big purge so I decided to make use of her lovely paint strokes by turning it into bunting.
you can see another bunting project in the background that I still haven't shared with you.

I hammered a few nails in each bin. Then I cut a few pieces of yarn and kind of randomly strung and knotted the yarn across each bin.

Next, I cut out diamonds from colorful bits of Cora's artwork. Then I folded the diamonds in half and glued them as triangles on the yarn.

I take photos of the pieces of art that I like the best and plan to use them as the backgrounds in photobooks that I will one day make. And I save a couple of my very very favorite drawings.

I was so happy with how it turned out and how easy it was! Usually, a project like this would end up on my to-do list for a year and then I would end up doing something else. But I just decided to do it right away (ignoring the other year old to-dos) and I am loving it! It really broke up the massive pink explosion and it makes me happy to see some of Cora's old artwork.

I hung the yarn a little differently on each bin so they didn't look identical.
Pink Party!