Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walking At Work!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about Scott's plans for his stand-up / sit-down / treadmill desk. Well it is no longer in plan form. That little diddy has come to fruition.

He had planned to use metal pipes but he changed his mind at the last minute and went with PVC.

His brother gave him an old treadmill and Scott set to work dismantling it so the handle bar could be placed on the floor.

Do you think he is pantsless? He's not. I promise, but he sure looks it. His name isn't Scott Pants for nothing.

He bought his supplies and got to work. The gluing (Liquid Nails) and clamping of his desktop was next.

Next, he put some pipes together. He bought a PVC-pipe-cutting saw to make his job easier. He just put these boards in temporarily while he was building the desk. They were not the ones he was gluing and clamping.

 In about 2 or 3 hours he had the whole thing assembled.

He waited 24 hour for the Liquid Nails to dry and then he stained the wood.

I suggested that he glue the PVC together at the connections with Liquid Nails just for a bit more stability and he took me up on it! If you are interested in trying to do this yourself please STAY TUNED for more information on this part.

Then it was time to use that sweet stand-up treadmill desk. Well, pretend to use it anyway. He had not hooked the computer and monitors up yet.
Who likes this "Who could be behind that Heart-Face stamp" photo? Secret revealed... it is Scott. There was already one photo in this post of him looking a little insane. So, I decided to cut him some slack and make myself the insane one (by putting a heart over his face).

Now, back to the part about the Liquid Nails being used to secure the PVC pipes together. Did not work. Those suckers were still wet and dripping Liquid Nails over a week after he put them together. He had to wipe them all out and use some glue that was actually made for PVC. So, don't listen to my advice on that one- stick with the experts.

He is going to add some more PVC supports to the base of the desk (also my suggestion! So, we will see how that one turns out). And the next step will be for me to go Shelf City on that place!