Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Front Porch Comes Together!

I gave you my thoughts on what was on the agenda for our front porch months ago. And I pretty much stuck to my plans. I did not plan on seeing the furniture for the first time in 5 years and it looking like it had been buried along with King Tut for the past 3,000 years. Woooo Wheeee! At our old house we stored those bad boys in our crawl space that was fit for a dinosaur (it was probably 20 feet tall) for a little over 5 years. When they reappeared they were just a smudge (or 3,000 smudges messy).

Here are some close-ups in case you don't believe me.

As usual, the photos do not do it justice.

Cora likes to try to be a helped so I gave her some paper towels and she got to work.

Somehow I talked Scott into helping too!

A few days later, the porch swing was hung and we were in business. 

If these photos had sounds you would hear the creakiest King Tut creaks that you have ever heard coming from the ancient chain on the porch swing. We have plans to take care of that soon enough.

Happy Birthday, Angus!!! This photo is devoted to making the impossible POSSIBLE!
(This is in reference to Angela livin' her dream!!) If you need a little laughter please click that link. It is impossible for me to read Angela's writing without laughing hard enough that tears stream.
ps I made this amazingly Photshopped portrait a year ago and have been counting the days until Angus had another birthday so I could show it off. 
pps This photo also marks the end of my birthday shout outs. It would be impossible to top this photo so I'm not going to even try.


  1. hahahahhaaahahahhahah OMG!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA!

    1. her 2nd grade journal will never ever ever not be funny to me!

  2. Love the porch colors...very cozy!! great job as always!!

  3. Looking nice MOMMA--love the colors of the rockers & swings! ummmm can you tell Scott he is going to ruin his shoes wearing them that way! ahahhahahah, my mom always use to tell us that--can't wait to see more of your home!! --Mali

    1. haha thanks! those shoes are soooo worn it isnt even funny! i will let him know that debster doesnt approve!