Monday, September 23, 2013

Here Comes The Living Room!

The title of this post is supposed to be sung like the Will Smith song, "Here come the men in black." I still don't think I have seen the first two Men In Black movies but I am here to tell you that #3 was pretty darn good. Go ahead and get your DVD on.

Back to the subject at hand... The living room. I am finally getting around to sharing some house photos with you. I am sorry that we have been here for a month and a half and you have only seen a couple of rooms. Progress is being made every day. In fact, I am only showing you photos of the progress that we made soon after we moved in. I will catch you up to everything else soon enough.

Here is what the living room looked like before we moved in:

Here it is after the moving day Tasmanian Devil:
I took a much-needed break from moving to run around and snap a few photos. Scott ate some pizza and checked the internet during his even more needed break.

And Kelly caught up on a little bit of work during her break!

And here we are after we cleaned it up and organized a bit for Cora's first viewing:
Once again, I snapped some photos when I found a couple of free minutes and Scott took to the computer for his few spare minutes.

One of Cora's favorite toys around the time we moved was a puppet that we named Matilda and she calls Tilda. Somehow Tilda ended up in storage. Cora asked about her constantly and could not wait to get to the new house so Tilda would finally be back in her life. Here is a photo of their reunion:

She was also extremely happy to see a random bucket of her old toys: 

Things got a little bit cleaner in preparation for Cora's second birthday party. That is the reason for the banners and balloons.

I don't want you to think that this room comes list-free. It certainly does not. 
The to-do list on this sucka includes:
  • paint
  • curtains
  • hang artwork
  • get a rug
  • new entertainment center
  • change out the black side table
  • move desk (temporary entertainment center) to the left of the couch and paint it teal
  • get rid of the random chair
  • change a couple of accessories
  • try to figure out a way to hide Scott'e subwoofer
  • maybe put some sort of book ledge above the couch and below the 3 high windows

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... a few of the items on this list have already been checked off and I can't wait to share them with you!


  1. Your house just gets more and more beautiful every day. You are a great decorator! Also, I was writing in Cora's book in that photo. And you definitely saw the first Men in Black. I'm pretty sure you saw it with me and Louise. I can't vouch for the second one.

  2. It sure is coming together and I can't wait to see your decorator skills in full swing.
    The look on Cora's face with Tilda is precious.