Monday, September 30, 2013

The Living Room Gets An Update

I know that there are still a few rooms in the house that I haven't showed you at all but you are going to have to wait. It was only last week that you got your first glimpse of that couched-up-room. Our living room is getting lots of attention these days and it is about to get another update or 2. So, the time has come for living room update numero uno.

Here is the to-do list that I was left with after a tiny bit of post move organization:
  • paint
  • curtains
  • hang artwork
  • get a rug
  • new entertainment center
  • change out the black side table
  • move desk (temporary entertainment center) to the left of the couch and paint it turquoise
  • get rid of the random chair
  • change a couple of accessories
  • try to figure out a way to hide Scott'e subwoofer
  • maybe put some sort of book ledge above the couch and below the 3 high windows

Those crossed-through items are the ones that I am going to show you today!

Last week, the living room I showed you looked like this:

The first step was getting rid of the way-too-small Ikea Lack table. Luckily, I had a perfect piece of furniture just waiting for its turn to shine. This table had previously been used as a side table in our old guest bedroom and it was just being thrown from room to room looking for its Green Card.

Here is the Ikea Lindved side table in its permanent residence:

The random chair that never quite fit made its way up to the master bedroom and an easel that Cora's "Gram" gave her for her birthday took its place. The easel is called the Mala Easel from Ikea. I realize that this photo isn't going to impress anyone but it is the only photo I have of it in that stage. The stuff underneath is a towel that I put under it while in use and Cora's smock.

You may be starting to notice a little trend in where I do the majority of my shopping. You will not be disappointed to know that the entertainment center we ended up with came from there as well. I spent WAY too much time deciding on an entertainment center. I had originally planned to build a "faudenza" like the photo below but changed my mind at the last minute and opted for something a little easier.

Instead of making a floating entertainment center like the one above I went to my usual spot, Ikea, and bought 2 Besta bookshelves, a bottom frame for them, and four doors. Eventually, I plan to add some wood around the outside like the photo above. No hurry at all though.
I apologize again for the not so impressive photo- with speakers and paintings thrown around willy-nilly. I promise that the next Living Room chapter will be a bit more polished.

The chevron desk from our old master bedroom had been our temporary entertainment center. It took its temporary home next to the couch. The update that I am currently working on has since sent Mrs. Chevron packing to the garage.

This is my favorite update: a lovely yellow rug! I cannot get enough of yellow and turquoise together. I didn't mean for our living room to turn out that way. I had no idea what the colors were going to be. I just started throwing pillows, paintings, and accessories that I already owned into the room and that is what I ended up with. I was really impressed with the deal I got on the rug from RugsUSA. I got the Chalet Herringbone Cotton Flatwoven Ming Yellow rug and I have to say that I am pretty in love with it. I am no expert on rugs and was surprised that most of the ones I came across were at least $400. I believe that I ended up buying this one and a nice rug pad for less than $200 total. I am calling that a deal!

Here is where we are now:

I can't wait to share part one of the next update with you. Hopefully, I will be back next week with a peak at it!


  1. You need a photo of the shelves......I really do like them, just took me awhile to get used to them. I love everything you have done to the new house. It is very different from your old house. You always amaze me how you find time to pull everything together.

  2. Living room is looking good and I love the color of your porch furniture. It's so inviting!

    1. muchas muchas gracias! you are always invited! come take a swing!