Monday, June 24, 2013

Floor Plans & Ideas: The First Floor, Part 5

Wahhhhoooo! It is time to check out some more floor plans! We finally get to wrap up the first floor and move on to Floor Numero Dos.

Here is each part of the first floor:
Part 1: The porch, the foyer, and the garage
Part 2: The bathroom
Part 3: The massage room/ guest bedroom
Part 4: Decorating the stairs
Part 5: Scott's office closet

Part 5: The 1st Floor Bedroom's Closet (aka Scott's office):
Scott has a stand-up desk in his office at work. He also has a place that he can sit down. He has been really happy with the whole situation, but he wants to take it one step further and include a treadmill in his office closet at his new house. I had an awesome photo of Scott pretending to be a big shot on the phone at his stand-up at work, but I cannot find it anywhere. When that fantastic photo shows up I will be sure to get you a look at it. 

Until I find it, these photos that I had Scott take of his current set up will have to suffice:

Pretty clever, huh? He has been working those legs muscles for over a year now.

I know you are getting excited about that awesome Scott photo that is yet to come, but try to calm down. Now, it's time for you to prepare yourself for the amount of writing and photos that go into talking about a closet.

We paid a little extra to have the builders add a couple of electrical outlets in the office. We also swapped out the florescent lights that come standard for 2 recessed lights. And, we added a cable outlet in there for Scott's internet connection.

That is not where it ends! Scott is going to rig-up a standing treadmill desk in his closet office. He will also have an area where he can sit down and work.

Here is the diagram Scott drew for his new space:

Scott did the lovely drawing and I added all the wording for you. 

Something crazy is about to happen. You could say that the impossible is becoming possible... I am about to add another part to The First Floor Plans. 

Sorry sorry sorry. I am in the middle of backing up all my files and all computers are running pretty darn slow. I promise that part 6 is the end of the road. I will not try to sneak another post in about the first floor. 

Happy Monday to you all!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Words Of Wisdom, Honest Toddler Style. Take 10

I'm about a week late on Honest Toddler time, but it is here and you know that's right!

Honest Toddler tweets hilarious one liners multiples time per day. I read. I giggle. And then I pick out my favorites from the past month for you to enjoy.

Here are my favorite 10 Honest Toddler Tweets from 5-4-13 to 6-3-13:
  1. I think Home Depot is some kind of advanced Pinterest course where in exchange for money you get weekend assignments.
  2. Toddler Tip: You never really leave time out. Most of us are just out on parole.
  3. Fun Fact: That Grover Cleveland and Abraham Lincoln were not potty trained.
  4. Toddler Tip: Not remembering why you're crying is no reason to stop.
  5. Toddler Tip: Followers say "no thank you." Leaders hit things out of people's hands. #LeanIn
  6. Parent Tip: Love isn’t just a word. It’s also the willingness to fix someone a small snack while making dinner.
  7. Good call on naming them “playpens” because “tarp jail” probably wouldn’t have taken off.
  8. OK so nail polish doesn't actually polish anything. If anyone asks, I've been with you. Please be cool.
  9. Parent Tip: "Fully dressed" is subjective. In toddler circles, a belt, hat and socks is considered a complete outfit.
  10. The circle of life is hard. This is a time for healing, not blaming. Healing with some cake I don't know I'm just talking

Time For My All-Time Favorite HT Tweets!

  • Heard a noise. Was told “it’s just the house.” So is it enchanted or haunted I need to know.
  • Toddler Tip: The only thing cats love more than hiding spots is having someone to share them with. :)
  • Anthropologie, you may have changed your name but I know a Salvation Army when I see one.
  • Tonight's bedtime story was about three pigs struggling with repeat home invasions. Thanks for the new fear.
  • Adults use Instagram because the best way to enjoy a moment is to make it look like it happened hundreds of years ago.
  • Most toddler don't even want much. Maybe a kiss, 3 hugs, 4-5 sips of water, quick tale of adventure and maybe a pancake.
  • Toddler Tip: Did someone you love say "no" to you? They're confused. To help clear their head ask again times infinity.
  • Don't call someone a blessing and then try to fit their entire bedtime routine in a single commercial break.
  • Toddler Tip: If they haven't put on people clothes by noon, you're not going to the park today.
  • Sleeping Dog, Sleeping Tiger, Train That Does Not Move <-- These are not games. Your adult is trying to nap on the clock.
  • And Big's not a nest if it sits on an alley floor. We call that a driftwood pile. Your life is in shambles.
  • Toddler Tip: 3AM is as good a time as any to call a meeting about your sock situation.
  • It was cats who taught toddlers to lightly cover pee/poo accidents before fleeing the scene. Thank you.
  • Toddler Tip: When a cat runs, it's not because he doesn't want to play. He just wants to show you something.
  • Why are they mad when I break something. I'm not the one who took all those prenatal vitamins resulting in my incredible strength."
  • I don't need you in here with me." What if I told you I prepared a song?
  • Fact: Most babysitters just want access to your gold.
  • Ear infection. They gave me medicine in my mouth but so far nothing in my actual ear. Where did these people go to school. Hogwarts?
  • Toddler in the next room is singing Wheels On The Bus like we're all on holiday. Quiet, fool. Stay alert.
  • Asked for a second bedtime story. You would have thought I requested launch codes. Nevermind.
  • Is it too much to ask to be held from 4:30-7PM? I'm like 28 pounds :(
  • Showed grandpa my top karate moves. He was too proud to speak. Just shook his head and prayed for my safety.
  • Going home. Grandpa said to avoid doing martial arts in public because the world isn't ready. I understand. #BestDay
  • Just so you know when you come in to give goodnight kisses smelling like Cheetos it's like a slap in the face.
  • Alarm clocks. Adults do you mean to tell me that without a machine you would not wake up in the morning? Your body is in shambles.
  • Yes, I am a highly skilled Level 10 (out of 10) karate master but it doesn't mean I can walk from the car to grocery store.
  • Love means being happy to see someone no matter what time it is even if that person has peed through all their clothes.
  • In trouble for unrolling 10 or 12 toilet paper rolls. I did it for science not me but whatever.
  • It's amazing how some people think they're in charge of deciding who has to wear pants and when.
  • "Stop crying." Oh ok let me find the button that TURNS OFF MY FEELINGS.
  • I need a body double who is available for meal times and the afternoon shift. I can pay in tales of adventure.
  • How much you think a robot that looks exactly like you and loves naps and salad would cost?
  • I know how you make tea. Just shave a pencil into a little bag. Done. Give me my millions.
  • Hey Santa when you get a chance let me know what your favorite kind of cookie is. Always thinking about u. :)
  • Naptime. Daddy just tried to put me in my bed and walk away. LOL. Skipped like 28 steps! Start over. From the top.
  • If you're wondering, we had money for a $3 magazine about celebrities but not enough for my ice-cream so there's that
  • Toddler Tip: If you don't have a spoon, you can also enjoy yogurt with a toothbrush or mobile phone.
  • Just tried baking soda. WHY DO WE OWN POISON
  • Trick or Treaters skip my house unless you want an O'Henry wrapper.
  • I know for a fact that our seasonings were purchased at a Ross Dress For Less and are over 100 years old.
  • Toddler Tip: Most parents want your company in the shower. They're just too shy to ask.
  • Daddy didn't ask me to join his shower fully clothed but I'm good at anticipating people's needs.
  • Don't bother asking if we bought ice cream because the answer will break your heart. 
  • Man at the store asked mama if I could have a balloon. She doesn't speak for me. I'll take six.
  • Toddler Tip: If you put 8 or 9 batteries in a toilet it will not become a robot. Don't ask how I know just listen.
  • Don't try to cancel a game of Under the Blanket just because your toddler gently farts a few times. PLAY THROUGH.
  • Was on the phone trying to order pizza for 25 minutes. Turns out I was talking into a scrunchie. :(
  • Can you stop looking at the clock? My bedtime will come when it comes. Rude. 
  • Skipped my nap today. Exhausted. Will go right to bed. LOL. NOT. FEEL LIKE ADRENALINE & RED BULL ARE PUMPING THROUGH MY BABY VEINS. 
  • Woke up from my nap happy and refreshed! Just kidding I hate everything and will need to be held until bedtime. 
  • The awkward moment when mommy hugs you way too tight for way too long and whispers something creepy like "Don't grow." Get a grip. 
  • Jumped off the kitchen table. Turns out believing you can fly isn't enough. Thanks for the lies R Kelly. 
  • Mommy ran into a friend on the street. "I've been meaning to call you!" Stop lying. You've been meaning to buy M&Ms. 
        In case you need more Honest Toddler in your life:

        I also have one very important message to one very important dude: Happy 5th Anniversary to the most awesome guy in the whole world! I am one extremely lucky lady!!!

        Here are some random photos that my sister took on a trip to Utah. For some reason, these are the only photos I have on my computer right now. I hope you enjoy. I think they pretty much capture the essence of Scott.

        Monday, June 17, 2013

        The Living Room Chronicles: Step 6: The Plant Tables And The Plants

        Do you remember the time when I went wild for buying pallets? If not, you can read about my pallet-filled-car-drive-through experience here. Well, you will be happy to know that not a single piece of wood from those pallets was wasted. 

        Scott loves plants and had always had visions of having a whole plant situation in our living room. We had to leave a little space behind our big Karlstad sectional because there is an air vent there. As soon as Scott saw that space, he knew what he had to do: build some super easy and not-so-sturdy tables out of pallets to house his plant collection. Soon after he decided this, those crafty folks over at YoungHouseLove built a snazzy table behind their own Karlstad sofa. Woo Hoo! This meant we now had fancy plans to follow! I thought that meant we would soon have our own snazzy little table too. But it turns out that even though they did a good job breaking down their plans they were still pretty darn far above our skill level. 

        So, it was back to basic 6th grade carpentry skills (maybe more like 1st grade) for us. 

        Here is what Scott came up with:

        FYI- I took these photos during our packing stage, which is why there are no cushions on the sofa.

        Here is how it looked with plants and cushions.

        Here are the rest of the steps of The Living Room Chronicles:
        If you are interested in some more after photos check out Step 1.

        The Living Room Chronicles Introduction Post

        Step 1Move in. Put in whatever furniture we had. Hang art.

        Step 2: The Craigslist deal of a lifetime. New Sectional Sofa.

        Step 3: New coffee table (Step 3 Introduction found here)

        Step 4DIY remote control holder. A tiny, tiny step, but we are still calling it one.

        Step 5: Should we change out the fireplace?

        Step 6: The plant table and the plants

        Step 7Finishing touches

        Friday, June 14, 2013

        Taking It Easy In Blog City

        Scott used to love to say "Blog to live. Live to blog" whenever I was working on Never Listless. I haven't heard him say it for a while because life has been too busy for blog city to get much of a role in it.

        We just got home from a big road trip to Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Right now, home is at my in-law's house. The whole moving process was pretty emotional and stressful for me. Not being able to move into our new house to start establishing routines and getting settled is pretty hard. But we are very very very fortunate people. My in-laws are about the most welcoming, generous, and thoughtful people you could find. They opened up their home to us. They really opened it up... we have already filled the THREE! rooms that they made for us with all of our junk.

        So, here is the reason why I am "taking it easy in blog city": I need a break to unpack, reorganize, establish some routines, and try to get my sanity back after our big move and our road trip.

        The photos below were taken after I had spent at least 4 hours total trying to get organized.
        ps it should be noted that this is all our junk. The rooms looked fantastic before The Jed Clampet and his gang moved all of their junky bags in.

        We are living out of boxes right now and they are EVERYWHERE! It takes an hour just to find a hat for Cora.

        I'm sorry that my blog has been filled with excuses, apologies and sadness recently. Over the next few weeks, I am going to try to post 2-3 times, but there may be a random week were only one post hits the pages of Ol' Never Listless. I promise that I'll get back on track soon. I can't imagine how I am going to fit all of the fun changes in our new house into just 3 posts a week.

        Here are a few photos from our road trip. These are just the ones that I took on my sister's phone. I haven't had a chance to upload any others yet.

        This one is of Cora and her best friend, the snow man. My sister's neighbors have a snow man on their deck and Cora was OBSESSED. When we were inside, she would look out the window to try and see him and ask repeatedly if she could go say hello. Sometimes, she would just wave at him and say hi. There was a kiss or two given.

        Here she is just chillin' with him.

        My sister took us to a fabulous garden where she lives in Michigan. It was beautiful and there was lots of great stuff for kids. Cora loved it!

        There were boats to play with!

        Cora became obsessed with tunnels on this trip. This mini door resembled a tunnel enough to get her excited!

        Thanks to all of the lovely folks who made our trip extra special (Kelly, mom, Emery, Jeanette, Liz, Charlie, John, Jenni, all of the tunnels, parks, and good food).

        That's all for now. I will definitely be back on Monday with a little blogging action for you. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

        Monday, June 10, 2013

        Floor Plans & Ideas: The First Floor, Part 4: Decorating The Stairs

        I hope I didn't promise you that I would wrap up the first floor in 4 posts. If I did, it was a lie. It is going to take 5 whole posts to wrap this baby up. And, you never know with me... could be 6!
        Let's take a look at the ideas I have for how to decorate the stairs today. 

        Here are the plans for the first floor.

        Decorating The Stairs:
        In our current house, I decorated the stairs with a photo gallery on one side and a random collection of things hanging from clothespins on wires on the other side. I liked it, and may end up doing something similar, but the one thing I want to avoid is hanging thing at "swinging elbow height." It seems like pictures were always flying off the wall with a swipe of the elbow. Apparently, I was pretty clever and I removed the glass before the first swinging elbow came to town so it was never a huge mess.

        Here is what I had before:

        Get ready for an upgrade because here are some of the fancy things I am thinking of. Although, it should be known that mine will not look anywhere near as fancy.

        I love the big mats and simplicity of this stairwell. I won't go with the bugs, but they are pretty cool.

        I like this one because it is cool and eclectic, but it wouldn't work with a baby toddler.

        I'm not going to be wearing fancy backless dresses going up our stairs anytime soon nor am I planning to have photos of rock stars gracing the walls, but I do think the idea of having just a few large photos going up the stairs. Black and white seems like a good idea to keep things simple.

        This one also would not work because of the babytoddler, but I love the similar frames and big mats. It seems like the big mat helps a lot when you have a large grouping of photos so it doesn't seem too busy.

        Brenda Knight photography made up this little guide of how to hang pictures in the stairs. I am going for a slightly bigger look, but I love how nicely she laid this out.

        This drawing, from Design Formula, gives you a nice layout plan and some spacing guidelines so you aren't constantly bumping pictures off with your hands going up and down the stairs.

        Here are the first 3 posts about first floor ideas: 
        Part 1: The porch, the foyer, and the garage
        Part 2: The bathroom
        Part 3: The massage room/ guest bedroom

        Now, go decorate your stairs and send me some photos for inspiration, please!

        Friday, June 7, 2013

        Somebody That I Used To Know

        I wrote this post almost a year ago and never finished it. I would have just tossed it, but it is pretty darn applicable today. 

        I am no pop music genius. I don't know about the cool new songs until my friends and I all get together. They always know all the new music. Don't worry- I listen and take notes like a weirdo in the corner.

        I'm talking about a song that came out over a year ago. In case you haven't heard of him, like I had not until someone told me:
        His name is Gotye (pronounced "Go Tea A"). 
        He sings a song called, "Somebody That I Used to Know." As you can guess the song is about people you were in past relationships with. He talks about how that person used to be super important to him and now they are just somebody he used to know.

        I feel the same way about houses as this guy, Goyte, feels about people he dated.

        ps I don't know if this song ever could be classified as a "cool new song."

        Here are the lyrics:

        "Now and then I think of when we were together" ... "Told myself that you were right for me" ... "But that was love and it's an ache I still remember"

        Well you said that we would still be friends
        But I'll admit that I was glad it was over

        But you didn't have to cut me off
        Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing
        And I don't even need your love
        But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough

        Now you're just somebody that I used to know
        Now you're just somebody that I used to know

        It is like Goyte wrote this song about my love for places I used to live. 

        When I drive past a house that I spent a lot of time in I want to run in and see what they have done to it. I have dreams where I am walking around a house that I used to live in.
        I want to make sure they are taking good care of the house. I want to make sure I agree with their design choices. I want to see if a mark I left on the wall from doing cartwheels in my room is still there.

        It is so hard to imagine someone moving into our house.

        But, today, not only do I have to imagine it, I have to watch it happen. We closed on our house Wednesday and a new family is about to move in. 

        Guess what is about to happen now?
        ... a mini photo marathon of some of our early days in the house and a photo of the most important day in this house.

        Sorry for the terrible quality photos!
        Here is a super flattering photo of Scott carrying me into the house right after we closed on it.

        I think this bizarre suit came with the house so Scott decided to try it on while we de-popcorned our ceilings. This was within the first couple of days of buying our house. 

        We looked awesome during the de-popcorn process and decided to take some photos to show off our awesome hair-dos and faces. 

        My mom came to visit a few weeks after we moved in and I had just bought my wedding dress. I got to try it on for her before anyone else had seen it yet. It wasn't fitted in this photo, but it was a nice moment. 

        We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple in this house. I am wearing scrubs, not an awesome all black space suit. Also, Scott is holding my stomach like I'm pregnant but I was not. This was years away from Cora time. I think I did a self-timer photo and he was trying to make sure I didn't fall after running to get in the photo. 

        And here is the most important day that we had in our sweet old house. This is the day that Cora got to meet her new home. We made lots of wonderful memories in that house, but the last 21 months of Cora-filled memories are the hardest to leave.

        I will try to be back with my regular blog post schedule next week but we are now in Columbus, Ohio and headed up to see my sister, family and friends in Michigan tomorrow. This have been hectic over the past week. Moving is hard stuff... especially on a 21 month old. 

        Does anyone else feel this way about places they used to live?

        Monday, June 3, 2013

        Packing Up A Storm!

        I love the idea of packing. Getting a chance to go through all of my stuff, purge and group things that should be together together makes me giddy. 

        My problem is that I start out with the best intentions, doing great work. When the count-down hits 24 hours, I start breaking out the cheap-o plastic bags and throwing everything in at the last minute with a bit of the "I'll deal with it later mentality." This leaves me with 90% of my stuff packed awesomely and the rest looks like it belongs to a crazy lady.

        Right now, we have about 36 hours until we have to be totally out and I would say we are about 95% packed. And, the good thing about it is that that 95% is awesomely packed (well for the most part). 

        This isn't over yet, but the hardest part has been packing up breakables and being certain that they won't end up in a million pieces. The 2nd hardest part is packing up the last 5%. We had a huge selection of boxes thanks to thoughtful family and friends (and thanks to the fact that I am a box-hoarder). But, we are down to the odd shaped boxes that don't seem to fit anything I have left. Also, the first 95% was packed like with like. We are down to much more random with random.

        Here are some photos of our packing madness. 

        All of Cora's toys are now in the kitchen. She thinks it is a little fantastic and is really excited about her discovery that she can get to both sides of her kitchen. Excuse the mess, Cora usually cleans up her play area before bed, but things are a bit crazy town over here right now.

        Can you believe that anyone has this much stuff? I had no idea we did!

        Every little thing makes me sad right now. I gave Cora her last bath at this house. Scott made his last meals (he made bunches of it so we would have left overs for the next 36 hours). 

        I hope to be back Wednesday!

        Sunday, June 2, 2013

        Oops! Did I do that?

        I thought I was on top of things, but it turns out that that was not the case. Sorry that I didn't get a post up on Friday. I am also sorry that Wednesday's post was only half finished and I didn't notice for two whole days. It is fixed now. You can check it out here.

        I am also sorry to anyone who saw me at my doctor's appointment with only one shoe on. I grabbed my shoes and ran out the door. I didn't put them on until I got to the hospital and... surprise! I only had one shoe. So, I got to look totally awesome for about 30 people.

        Back to the point... packing is coming on strong and I am using that as my excuse for all the spazzy behavior that happened over the past few days. I cannot for the life of me believe how much stuff we have! Most of it is baby stuff.

        This is a little over half of our boxes. WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF! 7 years ago I drove back to the east coast from San Diego with 80% of my possessions fitting into my VW Jetta. Apparently, things have changed.

        We will be traveling next week, but I hope to still get my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday post up.

        This Monday our furniture goes, Tuesday we move out and Wednesday is our closing. This is getting pretty real!

        ps there is a new Cora-filled-post up on The Etc. Lists!