Monday, November 26, 2012

Introducing... The Living Room Chronicles

Yes, yes, I know... The Chronicles series are starting to get a bit tricky to keep track of. I promise- this is the last Chronicles series that I will start until I finish the other three Chronicles: Nursery, Master Bedroom, Bonus Room and now the Living Room.

Sooooo.... Welcome to The Living Room Chronicles! 
Who is excited? 
OK, let's get this party started!!!

Here is what the living room looked like when the house was still on the market.

It appears that they had quite the DVD collection.

I have some good news for you! 

No, I do not have a DVD collection as extensive as the previous owners. No, they did not include their giant TV that probably weighs 500 pounds in the sale of the house.

The good news is.............

I'm going to show you after photos now since you are still in major suspense (Bob-Barker type-suspense) from the Bonus Room Chronicles. 

The After Photos!!!

Now, let's talk about the steps that got us there!

7 Step Aerobic Steparinos for you:

Step 1: Move in. Put in whatever furniture we had. Hang art.

Step 2: The Craigslist deal of a lifetime

Step 3: New coffee table (Step 3 introduction found here)

Step 4: DIY remote control holder. A tiny, tiny step, but we are still calling it one.

Step 5: Should we change out the fireplace?

Step 6: The plant table and the plants

Step 7: Finishing touches

Do you see step 2? DEAL OF A LIFETIME! Are you going to be able to hold your horses until I tell you the story. I can promise you that my sister can wait. She has heard this story at least 30 times.

And now for the The Weekly Would You Rather Question!

WYR... have no fingernails
no eyebrows?


  1. 2 Beautiful rooms....just realised how much you like yelow and green. Did you know they are Australia's colors.

    wyr: no eyebrows.

    1. oops a WYR slipped in.
      I did know that. Maybe that is why I like them so much!

    2. I meant to post this on Wednesday but I had to do a little switching. I'll post another WYR on Wed. ...I'm sure you needed to know all that!

  2. Beautiful and I think I know the deal of a lifetime?? Maybe?? eyebrows!

  3. Have always loved your neutral and green living room!

    Totally no eyebrows. Let's be honest, I really don't have any as it is and I draw them on every day :)

  4. Haha, I've heard that story as many times as you've heard about Bikram yoga. But I don't mind; it's a good story.

    WYR: no eyebrows

    1. Good! I will tell it to you again soon and you can tell me about your Groupon for B.Y.

  5. I'm ready to see more of what Becca's house looks like. Let's get those projects going, lady!