Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hacking The Expedit: Turning A Bookcase Into A Coffee Table

There is a website called Ikea Hackers that is  devoted to altering Ikea products. It is fabulous.

This hack has been done a 100 times but I am going to make it 101! And I am going to include some step by step action AND an orange dinosaur pinata! Take that hackers!

This lovely Expedit shelving unit was bought from Senor Craigslist himself for a mere $20. If you live in a fairly metro area near an Ikea you can almost always find some kind of Expedit piece on Senor Craigslist.

I bought 2 sets of Capita 8" legs (4/pack) for $14 each.
I laid out where I wanted the legs to go. I was only planning to use six of the legs. But, I knew there was a chance I might use the finished product as a window seat. So, I threw the other two on for a bit more stability.

 I marked where the screws needed to go with a Sharpie then I moved the metal plate.

I didn't feel like getting a drill bit. So, I used the screws as the drill bit. I screwed each one into its place then unscrewed those suckas right out of there.

I screwed the plates into place, attached the legs and wa-la! Finito! 

Mrs. Ex-Pita (get it- a combo of Expedit and Capita... my goodness, what a creative name!) tried her hand out as a media console. Look at all of that media- it is like we are totally hip media geeks who have to have the latest thing. And helllllllo orange dinosaur pinata. I have been waiting to feast my eyes on you all day!

You've seen her (Mrs. Ex-Pita) pop up in Cora's nursery as a window seat. She lived there for about a month while the room was still in the "throw all the extra furniture in there and see what works"phase.

Mrs. Ex-Pita finally found a place to live as a coffee table in the funky retro bonus room. But I can't show you that yet because we are still counting down the chronicles to the big reveal!

And now the Would You Rather of the day!

WYR... go 8 years without eating any ice cream

have to keep your fingernails ridiculously pointed  for 3 weeks (like the ones pictured below but without the fancy design or the bedazzling)?

Sources: ExpeditCapita


  1. Very clever! I love ikea hacks

  2. And all this time I thought that was a reject from Scott's Dad. Did not know you had added the legs yourself....amazing!
    No Cora photo here tho!

    wyr: Go w/out ice cream for 8 years - i could lose weight. The nails would probably get caught on something or i would poke out my eye, so no thanks I would rather not!

    1. At least you are getting your daily Cora email!

  3. Yes, the Ex-pita is very impressive! I pick no ice cream. It would be sad to miss out on ice cream, but I live at the North Pole so it would be too cold to eat it anyway. And those nails are gross.

  4. Very clever Ikea do over but if you think that media center looks hip you are a little behind the times............maybe 20 years ago it might have passed for semi hip. WYR is an easy one, ice cream, I've probably only eaten ice cream five times in the last eight years.

    1. aww come on! I know that media center isn't hip. that tv probably weighs 400 pounds and the receiver is literally from the 70s. the rest of it is just a big pile of jumbled up cords!