Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving. Round 2: Decorating With Acorns and Wreaths!

Thanksgiving just keeps getting closer and closer!

Are you in need of a little decorating help? Do you have a few extra wreaths around and the only think you can think to put on them are acorns? 

You could not have come to a better blog to help you with that problem!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be blogging about wreaths. Acorns, maybe. Wreaths, no. But here I am. Wreath-blogging away. And, I'm not gonna lie to you- I'm kind of lovin' it.

Let's talk Thanksgiving decorations!

Ya'll ready for this?!?!?!? da da da da-da da daaa (sing it with me)!


My goodness do acorns make some neat Fall decorations!

These are just colorful, felt balls glued to acorn tops.

Jazz up a boring frame with a squirrel's best friend: acorns!

Why not consider honoring Mr. Squirrel by putting his mug shot in that frame?

Acorns, candles, and mason jars. The power trio!

So cute! In a jar, as a necklace, maybe garland?

Metallic painted acorns! What's not to love?
Deanna, I think I found a Missing Monster!
Deanna, do I spy a crocheted Missing Monster or two in the background?
Don't put that acorn paint away just yet. There is more work to be done! Why not hang a few thanks notes off those branches while you're at it. No one ever went wrong turning some branches into a Thanks Tree!

This wreath is made of acorns. Can you believe it? It is, by far, the cutest (and only) acorn wreath situation I have ever seen.

Well, hello to the perfect segway into another fascinating topic: 

I am head over heels in love with this one. I think a little DIY crafting is in my future!

I had to cut some wreaths out. It turns out that I am a little rosette-crazy!

Hey, burlap! I like your style!

This one looks a little sassy to me! And that is why I like her.

Let's keep it going with the yellow and grays... wreath-style.

Twig city!

And one last un-wreathed and un-acorned photo.
For her biggest fans:
Cora and her Aunt Kelly!

Some of the links below have pretty good tutorials on how to make one of the fabulous wreaths!
acorn wreathpainted acorn topsacorns in mason jarsacorn frame, squirrelcolorful acorns in jaracorns in branch treemetallic acornsrosette wreathmoss wreathburlap wreath with flowers,yellow feltburlap #2, yarn and ruffles, twig wreath

Now, for the Would You Rather Question Of The Day!

have to skip everywhere you would normally walk or run

never be allowed to eat dessert again?


  1. They are some lovely decorating ideas, wish we had time to have a craft session while you are here for Thanksgiving.
    Nice photo of Kelly & Cora.
    easy WYR: never be allowed to eat dessert again!

    1. Well, thank you very much. Yes, I would love a little craft time too!

  2. I'm not going to answer because I'm not going to forego desserts and I don't want to skip everywhere I go although a little skipping could be a good thing.

    1. fair enough. I would like to see these skips though please

  3. Love this!!! Thanks for the tutorials!!!

    WYR...Skip!!! I must have dessert!! lol