Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes (And More!!!)

It was only a matter of time, people... only a matter of time
before I went over how to clean your make up brushes!

Yes, yes... things just got interesting on NL.

This cleaning has been a longggggg time coming for me. I have make up brushes that are at least 5 years old and have maybe been run under some water twice. Apparently, that isn't cutting it. I am taking a cue from my gross-o face. I'm on a mission to see what I can do to change things in that department.

Recently, my eyes decided to both develop dry skin like you have never seen. This caused me to age about 30 years over night.

Next, the pimple factory on my chin popped up. So, I decided the first step was to try cleaning my makeup brushes. And, as usual, I am going to take you along for the whole she-bang!


Real Simple suggests that you spray your brushes weekly (craziness... they obviously meant every half decade) and that you deep clean them monthly.

First you put a little dab of baby shampoo into your hand. Make sure to wash that hand up good first. 
Then swirl your brush around in the shampoo.

Have a bowl of clean, warm water ready. After you're done with the baby shampoo, swirl the brush around in the water. Make sure you don't dunk the whole brush in or the bristle glue might come undone.

Then check out your gross water. Seriously, it was like a whole tube of makeup in that water. 

With this brush, my hand was super dirty as soon as the bristles nuzzled up against the baby shampoo. 

Now, it is time to let those furry little things air dry on a clean dry towel. I used an old one because I didn't want any make-up residue grossing up my fancy-shmancy towels.

Ta-da! The next morning I checked them and they were dry and ready to roll!

Have you ever wanted to see the inside of a make-up brush? Of course you have! Here is your opportunity!

It turns out that the whole process was pretty easy stuff. If cleaning my brushes more often than every presidential election makes a difference for the sweet pimple factory on my chin I am going to be one happy lady.

In other make-up related news, I am a big Bare Minerals fan (and still am). But, I didn't feel like driving the extra 15 minutes today and making my way through a packed mall to restock my foundation. I also hear that their ingredients are full of some serious junk that you don't want on your face. So, I decided to try out Cover Girl Trublend Minerals

And the outcome... Booo! I am not sure that they are trying to replace Bare Minerals but if they are they definitely failed.

I was also in need of some mascara and went with the el-cheapo, Cover Girl Professional


And the outcome.... No problem with clumping, which is often a problem I have with mascara. But it seems like it barely coats the lashes. The thing I loved most about it was that it had a nice click when you tightened the cap all the way. I don't know why but it was very satisfactory click!

I am in no way a make-up connoisseur so please don't take too much notice of me.

However, some of my friends are and I have been burying away their advice:

Here are some of the products they love:

  • Dior - Diorshow Mascara
  • L'Oreal Vouminous Million Lashes
  • Clinique moisturizer is good for Eczema
  • Olay - Regenerist Moisturizer

Not so into:

  • Maybelline - Volume Express Mascara

Since this is not a terribly exciting post I will throw a little yard work Before And After in!

It is really going to wow you to see what a leaf blower can do.


Fascinating, yes? That didn't do the trick, did it? Then I will give you more!

How about a Cora photo!

Scott took that photo. He said he was wearing the bowl as a hat and Cora wanted it. She took it, put it on the ground and sat in it.

And, last but never ever least... The Would You Rather Question Of The Day!

WYR... go to a big one-day indoor family reunion

go to a pretty decent water park on a hot day (assuming the travel time is the same for both)?


  1. I enjoyed this post quite a bit. I'm glad you're reforming your gross lifestyle.

    Did Cora hurt her knee?

    WYR: family reunion!

    1. She just skinned it a little. It was no big deal. She barely even cried about it.

  2. YUCK!!! I would not have posted this for all the world to see. Have you thought about buying new brushes.
    I like the Estee Lauder mascara that has black one end for upper lashes and brown the other end for lower lashes.
    Yes, Did Cora hurt her knee!
    wyr: Family reunion

    1. You are crazy. I'm not buying new brushes when mine are perfectly good. Seriously, how often do you clean your makeup brushes (all 500 of them)?