Saturday, November 24, 2012

The WYR Wrap-Up

No, no, no... I am not here to completely end the WYR series.

I am here to give you the results...

and to tell you that starting this Wednesday WYRs will only come once a week.

Scott's friend, John, said he wanted to answer a WYR everyday. So, I made his dreams come true. He hasn't answered a WYR in weeks. The WYRs are tough to think of and I'm pretty sure most of you will be happier if you only have to answer once a week. So, that is what we shall do!

Now, onto the results. I underlined the answer with the most votes.

The first WYR post had 5 questions in it:

1. WYR... 

Always be a little hungry
Always be a little too full

I was about to be full of cake in this photo... get the connection?

2. WYR... 

Always have the sniffles 


Always have on two very obviously different shoes

3. A TIE!!! WYR... 

As an adult have to go back to high school right now. Grades 9-12 and you are the big weirdo who is creeping around like it's normal. (You can come home at night and you only have to work 20 hours/week of your normal job). 
Have to spend the next 4 years in charge of whatever happens to the sewer stuff on a cruise ship. (You do not get to leave the cruise ship for 4 years but your family or friends can come with you).

Here I am  in high school with 2 of my BFFs. This is the phase where I wanted to be Claire Danes and dyed my hair red.

4. WYR... 

You have to start every morning by randomly singing the national anthem to your next door neighbor. (They have no idea why and most likely stop answering the door after a week but you still have to keep singing)
Have to commute to and from work every single day on a horse. (You have to clean up the poop too but you don't have to worry about where the horse stays while you're at work).

5. WYR... 

Always have to wear the same outfit no matter what. (You can decide what outfit it is but you are stuck with it for the rest of your life... better not lose or gain too much weight).
Have to go everywhere by either walking, running or riding a bike. No exceptions.

The post, Another Would You Rather Post had the 4 intriguing questions below:

6. WYR... 
Live in a world that has real unicorns
Live in a world where there is a rainbow every other day

Sandra Dee, That is you on a unicorn. Sorry that my photoshop skills are not up to par.

7. WYR... 
Have to drink 3 cups of pickle juice every day
Have to wear a huge pink tutu everyday

8. WYR... Never be allowed to sing again (even when you are alone)
The only thing you can watch on TV (or stream online) is sports

9. WYR... 
That you always smelled a good bit like cat pee
That you could only leave the house when it was dark out

Even More WYR was the last post completely dedicated to Would You Rather questions. It had the 5 ridiculously thought provoking questions below:

10. WYR... 
have to listen to your favorite song on repeat 10 times in a row every day
never be able to listen to any of your favorite 100 songs?

11. WYR... 

only be allowed to say 200 words (of your choosing) for the rest of your life. You can say them in as many variations as you want.
never be able to leave a radius of 5 miles from your house ever again?

12. WYR... 

always be 30 minutes early
always be 5 minutes late?

13. WYR... 

only be able to use the internet for 5 minutes every day (not including anything work related)
never be able to use a phone again (including a computer phone and video messaging)?

Cora is on the phone here... another amazing WYR-photo link-up for you

14. A Tie!!! WYR... 

have to wear a fake rat-tail that looks very realistic every day for the rest of your life

have a half dollar sized yellow smiley face on the side of your neck?

October 15, 2012 marked the start of the daily Would You Rather question. Below is the question from the infamous day!

15. WYR... 
Get home and there is a deer in your kitchen. It didn't mess anything up  getting in but you have to deal with getting it out.
your house smells like pickles for a month.

16. WYR... 
have to eat one pound of sugar
have to drink 8oz of olive oil?

17. WYR... 
Turn into Bea Arthur once every 3 hours for 15 minutes (only looks-wise; during her golden girls era, obviously)
Never be able to eat or drink again (all of your food and water comes in 3 huge pills per day).
*It is worth noting that most of the ladies said pill and most of the dudes said Bea.

18. WYR... 
Have to eat 4 and a half feet of dental floss in one sitting
a whole avocado pit in one sitting?
*no one was really a fan of this WYR

19. WYR... 
Have to use a porta-potty for half of  your bathroom visits (just your average, run of the mill porta-potty. It isn't your own personal one. You have no say in how often or how well it is cleaned)
Never be able to leave the town you are currently in ever again?

20. WYR... 
everything you see is tinted a shade of green
your dominant hand was replaced with a hook?

21. WYR... 
add an extra 15 minutes to your day every single day
never have to wait in line anywhere ever again and never have to deal with customer service phone calls or emails?

22. WYR... 
spend one night in a sleeping bag basically hanging from a cliff in Yosemite (like the guys pictured below) 
spend one night on a surfboard in an alligator-infested canal in Florida.
crazy people image from here

23. WYR... 
have to wear sunglasses all the time except for when you are sleeping
have to wear one (just one) huge pirate earring in your ear all the time (pictured below)?

24. WYR... 
have to wear full scuba gear to your son or daughter's wedding (and you have no explanation why)
wear clown shoes and a red, rubber nose to work every day for 1 year?

25. WYR... 
win an all expenses paid trip to the Galapogos Islands for 1 week (and you are still paid your normal salary while you're gone)
never have to do yard work ever again... it just magically happens.

26. WYR... 
That the only dessert you are allowed to eat for the rest of your life be the Girl Scout cookie, Samoas
any dessert you can buy at Dunkin Donuts (not the Dunkin' Donuts/ Baskin Robins combo store).

27. WYR... 
Never be able to take another photo again
have take 750 photos every single day?

28. WYR... 
have to wear a purple bee-hive type wig (like the cat pictured below) every weekend- all day and night
have to wear pipe cleaner eyeglasses (like the Harry Potter dog) all day for whatever 3 days each week you choose?
*I was the only one who answered this one

29. WYR... 
eat 2 and half pounds of pumpkin pie
one pound of Halloween candy?

30. WYR... 
that George Costanza was elected as President of the United States
that Kramer was elected?

31. Tied!!! WYR... 
The President of the United States have a bat as a pet (kept in a huge cage)
15 pet spiders (in a terrarium)?
*Everyone seemed to agree that it really doesn't matter.

32. WYR... 
elect Ross from  the TV show, Friends, as President of the USA
elect Monica from Friends?

33. WYR... 
elect Clarissa (from Clarissa Explains It All)
Punky Brewster as President of the USA?

34. WYR... 
80s-looking lasers mysteriously showed up in the background of every photo you were in
every 4 hours (except while you're asleep) you had to stand up and sing the entire song, "I Wanna Be Rich"?

35. WYR... 
elect Dwight (from the TV show, The Office) as President of the USA
elect Kevin (from The Office)?

36. WYR... 
wait in line for 3 hours to vote
not vote?

37. WYR... 
you, personally, have the secret deciding vote for who becomes president every election for the rest of your life
you have to serve as president for 4 years (8 if you get reelected... less if you get impeached)?

38. WYR... 
spend the rest of your life living in the White House as the president's personal chef. (Your immediate family can live there too. You get paid 3/4 of your current salary and get average benefits).
continue working the job you work now and living in your current house but you get a 15% increase?

39. A Tie!!! WYR... 
every time you walk into work you have to say, "I know that's right" pretty loudly
whenever you see a bird you say, "yo yooooo boyyyyy" (pronounced "boy-eeeeeeee")?

40. A Tie!!! WYR... 
have to skip everywhere you would normally walk or run
never be allowed to eat dessert again?

41. WYR... 
be able to time travel back to any point in time for 60 minutes
your life stays the same as it is now but you inherit 2.5 million dollars?
(from Honest Toddler)

42. WYR... 
that your nickname be dumb dumb head (everyone calls you this)
stinky pants?

43. WYR... 
everything you say is in question form
wear one glove (just one) all day long 6 days a week (you pick which days)?

44. A Tie!!! WYR... 
have to ride a black horse with a white mane everywhere you go (no cars, bikes, planes, scooters, tractors, etc)
have to end every other sentence with "fo shizzle"?
45. WYR... 
go 8 years without eating any ice cream
have to keep your fingernails ridiculously pointed  for 3 weeks (like the ones pictured below but without the fancy design or the bedazzling)?

And, that concludes the WYR Wrap-Up!!

There will be a new WYR up with Wednesday's Post!

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