Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hilarious Pet Costumes

Am I getting cheesier the more I blog? It is very possible.
But let's get real... who doesn't want to take a little look at 9 pets dressed up in costumes?

The Leprechaun dog... I dare you not to smile at this.

Look at those hard-working suited up dogs. They're just walking down the street on their way to a birthday bash. No big whoop.

I am starting to realize that it is hilarious every time you make your dog look like it is standing up on two feet.
ps how funny is it that the other dog is hiding behind the nun like she's bashful.

Chia pet dog and it looks like he might be working on a bit of mow hawk action too.

For all of you Fredericksburg and Stafford, VA natives- I think this cat might be dressed up as a waitress from Goolricks!

He's no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle but he sure is looking cute in his silly costume.

Come on... you thought this guy was a lion for a second. I know you did.

I am also starting to realize that dogs and cats look funny no matter what they are dressed up as, but how about... 
A Bunny Rabbit?

Why is it that this is starting to seem mean now that I introduced a bunny into the mix?

Alright, I had better call it quits before I find a photo of a Harry Potter dog.
Too late!

Now, I really need to stop. So, on we go to The Would You Rather Question of the day!

WYR... have to wear a purple bee-hive type wig (like the cat pictured above) every weekend- all day and night

have to wear pipe cleaner eyeglasses (like the Harry Potter dog) all day for whatever 3 days each week you choose?

(These WYRs are riveting, aren't they?)

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  1. Those are some hilarious and creative costumes. I have to agree, the dogs on two legs are the best although that chia dog gives them a run.

    1. I really, really like the 2 dogs with the present.
      the bee-hive, HP glasses WYR wasn't cutting it for you today?

      My WYR answer is glasses assuming I don't have to work hard to keep them on.

  2. That image of the two dogs carrying a present is just too cute to resist!