Thursday, October 18, 2012

Double Thursday Post... WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

This post should be called "Grandparents Delight."

My deal-lovin' husband emailed me with a good freebie and I wanted to pass it on to you nice folks.
Between now and Saturday (10-20) add the coupon code TRULYFREE to your Walgreens online order and you get a free 8x10. You don't have to make any other purchases. It is easy and FREEEEEEEEE! I ordered this cute one of Cora. It is up for grabs to the first grandparent to comment and say they want it.

In other news, Cora insisted that this was her dad today while we were at the library:

She picked him out from a huge assortment of books, called him dad about 100 times, and would not let him out of her sight.

More library news... the friend who I went to the library with had to pull me away from the book sale section. I could not do it myself.

I ended up with 11 books (10 of which were board books) for $1.75.
WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Cora loves them!

That's it for Public Service Announcements today.
Go order your 8x10. It took me 45 seconds, max.