Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Houses That You Already Know, Part 3

SPOOKY HOUSE TIME! Who is excited? This isn't the first time I have introduced you to spooky houses. It isn't even the second.
This is your THIRD chance to catch a glimpse of some seriously spooky, jump out of your seat houses (and other random photos that I think you need to see).

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Not spooky at all. This house is quite beautiful. But they had a talking black cat who had the cheesiest jokes I have ever heard. Some people may say that a cheesy cat is still not that spooky. Those people would be wrong. But Sabrina was a witch and there we have the spook!

gorgeous house image from here

Here is Sabrina getting her Halloween on and cheesy, Salem the cat eating cheese puffs... could not possibly get cheesier!
cheesy image from here
This show was on TGIF. So, I watched. Please go ahead and pretend like I wasn't 13 (or some other embarrassingly old age) when I was still watching TGIF.
Even though I saw way more episodes of STTW than I would like to admit I have no idea who ANY of the people in this photo are except Sabrina and the red head. WHERE IS THE CAT? AUNT HILDE? OTHER AUNT? Where are you hiding?

image with... IS THAT PUNKY BREWSTER?!?!? from here


Adventures In Babysitting is still probably one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. How about that scene where the kids are tightrope walking on the beams in the warehouse? SCARY! And Chris's friend, Brenda, thinking she made friends with a cat but it was a rat.
scaredy cat image from here

The part where they break down on the side on the highway and the hook-handed trucker stops to help them.
Chris being strong image from here

All of those scenes were spooky. The house itself... not so spooky. But I just thought I would share one of my top 5 scariest movies with you.

My friend, Jenny Rose's twin station wagon picture from here

Only one week until the big election which means it is time for WYR election questions!

The Daily Would You Rather Election Question:

WYR... that George Costanza was elected as President of the United States
that Kramer was elected?


  1. WYR: wow, that is really tough. I guess Kramer. Because he would just be a spaz and not get anything accomplished, whereas George has some terrible ideas and is organized enough to enact some of them. I think Kramer would do less damage.

  2. I have to go with George, Kramer has proven himself to be a racist and we can't have that for president. I think four years of George's hijinks could be very entertaining. We might even get eight years, W made it that long.

  3. I am thinking George too...Kramer would get us into alot of hot water with his political incorrectness.