Saturday, October 13, 2012

Even More Would You Rather And Some Facts About Halloween

Oooh Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday. Saturday Night's Alright!
I am singing to you again! Too bad you can't hear my glorious voice.

I have been working hard getting posts to you every day of the week. So, give me a break and let's have an easy Saturday with some Would You Rather (WYR) questions. Go ahead and answer them too please, if you will.

1. WYR... have to listen to your favorite song on repeat 10 times in a row every day
or never be able to listen to any of your favorite 100 songs?

2. WYR... only be allowed to say 200 words (of your choosing) for the rest of your life. You can say them in as many variations as you want.
or never be able to leave a radius of 5 miles from your house ever again?

3. WYR... always be 30 minutes early
or always be 5 minutes late?

4. WYR... only be able to use the internet for 5 minutes every day (not including anything work related)
or never be able to use a phone again (including a computer phone and video messaging)?

5. WYR... have to wear a fake rat-tail that looks very realistic every day for the rest of your life
or have a half dollar sized yellow smiley face on the side of your neck?

And there's moreeeeeeeeee!
Just to keep things exciting I am going to throw in a couple Halloween figures for you courtesy of the NRF (National Retail Federation, obviously).

The most popular children's Halloween costumes for 2012 will be
  1. Princess
  2. Superhero
  3. Fairy
  4. Vampire
I have found some pictures to illustrate a couple of the popular costumes in case you were confused about what a princes or a superhero should look like.

Here is the Fedex Princess. I am not sure why she is a Fedex princess but it's homemade so she gets lots of extra points!

Shipping queen image from here

What a cutie, curly haired superhero! I think he is wearing a fanny pack too!
image found here

11.5% is the amount of people who will dress up their pets as well.

47.8% will carve a pumpkin.

$1.21 BILLION is the amount spent on adult costumes.

18.9% plan to make their own costume.

16.6% people plan to use their costume from last year.

18 more days until Halloween! You better get going to Goodwill. You know there is a costume just waiting for you to make it there.

I will be back tomorrow with an always-exciting edition of The Ridiculous Polaroid!

If you are looking for more WYRs, you can find them here and here!


  1. 1. favorite 10 times a day
    2. I feel like you can get a lot done with 200 words
    3. 30 minutes early
    4. 5 minutes of internet - not sure I use it much more than that anyway. at least until I started answering a WYR question every day.
    5. rat tail

  2. favorite song 10 times a day
    200 words
    30 mins early
    5 min of internet (that would be tough)
    half dollar size smiley face for sure