Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 Neat Halloween Decorations For A Party?!?!

Is it party time? Yessssss!
NL is all decked out and ready to inspire.
First, let's take a look at a couple amazing Halloween parties from the past.

My 4th Grade Halloween Party!

The last Halloween party I threw was back in 1990! I was soooo excited about it! I had a whole notebook dedicated to it. My sister and one of my best friends, Jenny Rose, were my big assistants. We had big plans of a haunted house, a fortune teller, bobbing for apples, and all sorts of Halloween goodies. I know I took a long time making the invitations on "The Print Shop." Does anyone remember that old Apple program? The invitations were amazing (if you consider super pixelated, computer paper folded into quarters and hand colored amazing, that is).

1990s computer image from here
In the invitations we told everyone to wear shorts. I will get to why in a second. Most of the parents said no to the shorts idea. It is COLDDDD in Virginia at the end of October. 
The party ended up being lots of fun but it didn't turn out exactly as we had hoped. 75% of the people invited decided they wanted to be in on the haunted house. So, we ended up having a very well-manned haunted house with only about 1 person to be blown away by how scary it was. 

The other change was the no shorts in 30 degree weather rule. Kelly told fortunes (dressed up in a fancy fortune teller outfit). Little miss Jenny Rose was supposed to hide under the table and "slime" everyone's legs with gooey stuff. Yep, this is what 4th graders think need to happen at a Halloween party. The goo got thrown out when everyone showed up with legs covered.

Here are a few photos of the big event.

Hey Christina, XYZ your ENORMOUS zipper!

R&M's All Out Halloween Party

My friends, Rob and Morgan, used to throw some amazing Halloween parties. They went crazy changing out every thing in their house (much like my mom) to something more festive. The outside of their house looked like The Addams Family's house. All of the food and drinks were Halloween themed. A good time was had by all!

Here is a glimpse of their crazy decorations. Here is a sneak peak of one of Scott's past Halloween costumes. I have a post about some other funny ones coming up soon.

As I said here, I am not a big holiday or seasonal decorator. But I am starting to understand why some people are! There are some really neat decorations out there. If you have the time you could go wild!

Without further ado... let's take a look at some great DIY Halloween decorations.

So easy and so effective!

I love a smiley pumpkin!

Spider webs made of cheese cloth. Clever and spooooky!

This is a fun way to display favors. The cats and pumpkins are neat but sheesh they look time consuming.

bat garland! that looks fun to make!

Put faces on orange balloons. yes please!

Fancied up old school fan-type decorations. sneaky

mmmmm. I like decorations that I get to eat later!

tin cans with some colorful Halloween-themed paper to hold treats. magnificent!

Make your mini pumpkins scary!

Next week, we will take a little look-see at some neat Halloween food.

And........ The Would You Rather (WYR) of the day!

WYR... Turn into Bea Arthur once every 3 hours for 15 minutes (only looks-wise; during her golden girls era, obviously)
or Never be able to eat or drink again (all of your food and water comes in 3 huge pills per day).

Image sources: Bat mobile, Cheesecloth SpiderwebsTreat Tree, Bat Garland, Pumpkin Balloons, Animal Faces, Candy Corn Votives, Covered Cans, Spider Pumpkin, Superhero Pumpkin


  1. 3 huge pills a day!!

    btw.....why don't I remember that party!

  2. I vaguely remember Kelly in her fortune teller costume!
    Was the Haunted House in the basement?

    1. of course it was in the basement!
      how could you forget that party?!?!

  3. This blog needs some Cora photos urgently!!!!!

  4. hahahah I love the halloween party (and christina's zipper) but why was I not invited!! I was there in 3rd grade, albeit, at the cooler elementary school...Anne E. Moncure! I would have loved that haunted house :(
    WYR: Three pills.

    1. sorry sandra! and her zipper cracks me up like crazy too!

  5. NEVER HAVE CHOCOLATE AGIAN????? Guess I's have to be Bea. Love those pants on Scott! Definitely agree to the Cora photo necessity.

    1. I will try to work on the Cora photo. I am using my super old laptop since I still have not made time to get the other one fixed and it is not as convenient to load photos now.

  6. Food in pill form.

    Sandy, you were too busy kissing boys at your elementary school for bad kids to come to the Halloween party for goody-goody Gators.

    1. No chance!!! We were busy being the most awesome kids in stafford! I was so cool they even built me another elem school o attend...Hampton oaks!

  7. Hahah that is a pretty terrible xyz sitch. I'm embarrassed

    1. I cannot stop laughing about the XYZ situation on that ENORMOUS zipper

  8. 3 pills a day! As much as I love Dorothy's fashion sense...I think I could skip it. Ps. The only thing I could focus on in this entire post was the zipper on Christina's pants! I AM LOLing LIKE CRAZYYYYY!!!! I have no idea what the rest of the blog was about.

    1. hahah I know! Me too. I thought about it all day and night yesterday and laughed out loud every time.

  9. Bea Arthur - and that could be kind of fun if you really worked hard at timing it just right.

  10. Bea Arthur.......once again you could really clean up on the carny scene.