Thursday, October 11, 2012

12 Amazingly Perfect Pumpkin Carving Ideas

That's right, people. I have 12 amazingly perfect pumpkin carving ideas. And, it just so happens that two of them are my own creation (well Scott and mine). Obviously, I cannot compete with people who can carve A.C. Slater into a pumpkin. But I'm not so bad. I am pretty sure I am a more talented pumpkin carver than Cora. (Boo ya, Cora. Sorry).

Albert Clifford Slater's pumpkin found here

Scott and I have carved a duck pumpkin,

a cat pumpkin,

a scary face pumpkin, and a couple others that didn't deserve photos.

I'm not sure what sort of fabulousness we will produce this year but I am pretty sure it will not be the one below. THAT TAKES TALENT!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's Up, Dorothy???

Mrs. Shoulder pad herself's pumpkin portrait found here

Robot Pumpkin. I Love It!

Sassy Silverman from here

Mmmmm I used to love Halloween simply because of the candy corn and the candy pumpkins.

Candy corn pumpkin from here

Scott doesn't like this one but I think it's clever.

Pumpkin that is not Fuddy Dud Scott's pumpkin from here

Is this Bea Arthur making another appearance?

Lovely grandma pumpkin from here

Kitty Cat Pumpkin. Cora would say "Eeeeeeeeeeeee" (that's what she thinks cats say).

Easy cat carving from here

The bachelorpad boys from Sesame Street deserve pumpkins.

B&E pumpkins found here

Easy, creepy, and fun. What reason do you have not to make an ant out of pumpkins?

Gather up your old toys and put them on your pumpkin.

Mrs. Pumpkin-head from here

There you have it! I am sure you would agree... 12 Amazingly Perfect Pumpkin Carving Ideas!

Are you looking for a little more Halloween talk?
I've got you covered. 

And you know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Why don't you start November off right with a good turkey day tradition!

Tomorrow is Friday! Wahoooooo!!! The weekend is almost here!


  1. We had many a Bert & Ernie Pumpkins.
    I love the photo of Cora with the pumpkin.
    It sure will be a different Halloween this year.

  2. I like the B&E pumpkins. And I liked the pumpkin snowman. Scot is a lame-o.

    1. I like the b&e ones a lot too. Mom, did we paint them too?

  3. Think I can find some organic candy corn?

    1. Hmmm good question! I'm not going to tempt myself by trying to find out.

  4. i did this cat design last year everyone loves it!!! doin it again now for tommorrow!!! happy halloween!!!!! xxxx


  5. Wow, these pumpkin carvings are sooooo wonderful! Amazing creations. All I can do in a pumpkin is put holes in them and candle inside, nothing as elaborate as these.... Great pumpkin carving ideas you got here! Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks! unfortunately, i cant do anything this exciting either but I will always be impressed by everyone else's hard work!

  6. Hahaha I enjoyed browsing for these awesome Pumpkin Carving Ideas. I hope it’s fine with you that I could pin them on my Pinterest board. I’m so sure my followers would be happy to see these interesting photos. Keep sharing! :D