Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Candy: Facts, Figures, and Deliciousness!

I was going to make this my Saturday post but it is a pretty lame one so you get 2 Saturday posts! Woooo Wooooooooooooooooo

My earlier one was about art on a ladder. Thrilling, I know! So, go check it out.

A week or so ago, Scott was flipping the channels around a bit. Bob's Burgers was on and we watched a few minutes of it. The kids were trick or treating and they went to a house that had full-sized candy bars. They went crazy. One of the kids said, "How did this not topple your economy?!"

I remember when I was a kid there was a house in my neighborhood that gave out full candy bars. They were THE TALK OF THE TOWN the next day.

Candy is probably the most important thing to kids at Halloween. So, let's take a look at what gets raves and what gets boos.

The Huffington Post did an article about the best and worst Halloween candy. I have to agree with them that Smarties and hard candy need to stay in the worst category. 

Everyone knows that 100 Grand bars are the best candy out there (Halloween or not). If you don't agree with that you might be crazy. Scott and I had them on our wedding registry (because that is a normal thing to do). If you are over the age of 50, you call them the "Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar" for some unknown reason.

MSN ruined all the fun by talking about what candy is the worst for you.

Here are their lists of candy that is the worst for you (according to calories and fat) and the candy that is not quite as bad.

Worst: Snickers, Mounds, Skittles, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger

Not as bad, still not good: Smarties, Peppermint Patty, Starburst, Jolly Rancher, Sugar-Free Gum

When I was a kid I ate candy like it was quinoa. Anyone following me? I LOVED candy! Today, I love it but I try to avoid it. I will not buy 100 grand bars to give out to the kids this year. I try to make sure I get candy that I don't really like. That way, whatever candy is leftover will not be ferociously calling my name.

you're welcome for another 100 grand shot. I know what you need.

The best thing about Halloween candy is checking out your stash. Kelly and I would race home to sort out our candy. We would make all sorts of trades. Then, my dad would enforce his "candy tax" and take at least 5 pieces.

Here are a few candy facts for you:

According to a poll of over 9,000 people by the National Retail Federation:
  • The average amount per household spent on candy: $21.05
  • 73.5% of people will hand out candy
  • 32.9% of parents will take their kids trick or treating
  • Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy every year. (source)

image sources: Smarties, hard candy100 grand, multiple 100 grand bars


  1. I'm not over 50 and that's what we called them growing up!!

  2. Look at this and you will know why us "old" people call it 100,000 bar Missy!

    1. hahahaha you are hilarious! I don't remember you ever calling it 100 thousand dollar bar. I must have changed you over to the right term quickly! I did a little more research and it looks like the name was changed in 1985. So, you're right... it isn't very old timey at all.
      You are a silly girl!

  3. It feels like every time I see you, you're getting me to eat candy. Not that I mind, it just seems strange that for someone who tries not to have it in the house, always has candy for me when I visit.

    1. Well looky loo who is giving out the comments on NL. I like it but how about some WYR answers please.
      Why do you think I am always pushing the candy on you? I am trying to get it out of the house (via your stomach).
      Also, you usually visit around holidays when we are heavily candied up.
      If you come visit us soon all we have to offer you are some breath saver type mints. Alright, come visit us and I will make sure to save some leftover gummy Halloween candy for you!