Monday, October 8, 2012

Spooky Houses That You Already Know!

Since it is the month of all things spooky I decided to give you a new look at some spooky houses that you probably already know!

Let's start this post off right... Bewitched style! The Bewitched house may not exactly be spooky but it was certainly witch-y. Bewitched was on Nick at Night's TV Land when I was growing up. I got plenty of chances to familiarize myself with Samantha, Darrin (both of the actors who played him), Tabatha, Endora, Uncle Arthur, and the rest of the crew.

 Samantha was a witch so she was able to easily decorate her house however she wanted. And it turns out that she wanted to decorate it with a mural of Rome? and a penguin!

Hellllllo to my favorite shade of green washer and dryer!

Kelly, did you borrow her fluffy doily collar for your school photo?
What in the world is going on with that stove situation???
I'm loving the retro-ness of it all. (Yes, I realize that it wasn't retro at the time).
These cabinets look like they could use a little 80s cabinet makeover!
All of the above Bewitched photos are borrowed from this website.

Aside from the mural and the questionable stove, I loved 1164 Morning Glory Circle.

Spookiest things about Bewitched:

  • Lucinda, the black cat
  • Agnes Kravitz, the nosy neighbor
  • The Darrin actor switcheroo that Bewitched thought they tricked us with

The Darrins photos from here

Addams Family

Now we are getting to the stuff that ABC Specials on October 31st are made of. The Addams Family had one of the spookiest houses in history. You don't even have to take a look at their house- just knowing that a member of their family WAS A HAND should give them some serious points on the spooky scale.

That man is scared! 

Awesome portrait! Cora has one similar to this in her room!
They do what they wanna do. Say what they wanna say. Live how they wanna live. Dance how they wanna dance... Addams Family.

Whoa! Who just did a little Hammer-dance as they sung that song? Me! I had that single on casette and Kelly had the whole soundtrack. WE WORE THOSE TAPES OUT!

This is another spooky house that isn't so spooky. But they had ghosts of all colors and crazy machines to suck them up. That definitely equals spooky. So, let's take a peak at the world of the ghosts and the busters. After all, if there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call?

image from here

The Ghostbusters headquarters has a slightly spooky vibe to it.

image from here
You could dress up as the Ghostbusters for Halloween as a group costume!

image from here
One of you could be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Someone could even be Slimer

image from here
PS A few years ago I saw the Ghostbusters Ectomobile driving around Charlotte all decked out in Ghostbuster-ness. That was pretty exciting!

image from here
You get major extra credit if you are able to turn your car into the Ectomobile as part of the costume.

Someone made a floor plan of the Fire House that was the spooooooky Ghostbusters headquarters.

Are you trying to think of more spooky houses? Rest your mind. I am going to do it for you. I will be back again before Halloween with another edition of Spooky Houses That You Already Know!

Halloween is only a few weeks away.

Costume made? Pumpkin bought? House spookily decorated?


  1. I think you watched way too much tv growing up!

    1. I think you are probably right. I was sure you were going to mention "My Favorite Martian" (a show I have still never seen).

    2. Actually, they are always complaining about how little tv they got to watch growing up or was that just not being allowed to watch The Simpson.

  2. Question: why did they change darrins?

    1. Answer: Something about the first Darrin being addicted to pain pills after being in a car accident. I think he got a bit loopy on the set. Maybe even collapsed. He did not do so well for himself after the whole Bewitched fiasco. PS they also changed out the neighbor, Agnes Kravitz. I don't know what made Bewitched think they could pull all the switcheroos. I didn't care for the Fresh Prince mom switcheroo either.

  3. Hmmm very interesting about the darrin switcheroo. Agreed about the fresh prince change, that was weird and i never adjusted to it