Monday, September 24, 2012

More About 80s Cabinets!

You're still reading? Good! That must mean you are really looking forward to a post about 80s cabinets! 

I could hear you chanting it... 80s CABS 80s CABS. Well, your wish is my command. 80s cabinets is what we will be talking about today.

In case you forgot... this is not the first post I have written about 80s cabinets. That is why this one is MOOOOOREEEE About 80s Cabinets!

Yep... this is what I do with my time. I take a photo of cabinets from the 80s and attach it to a super cool 80s girl (wearing  jellys, a SBTB cut-off sweatshirt, an Anaconda flap cap, smiley faced earrings, slap bracelets, and a mullet). I am normal.

A few weeks ago, I talked about painting the 80s cabinets in the lake house we thought we were going to move into.

Then, I mentioned painting an oak wet bar black.
Later, I showed you my first try at cabinet painting when I had no idea what I was doing.
And don't you worry your pretty, little heads because in the future I am going to show you some bathroom cabinets that I painted.

I get a lot of questions about how to paint cabinets. You could say that painting cabinets is my specialty. You really shouldn't say that though.

Well let's get this party started! I am going to show you some before and afters of 80s cabinet transformations!

I ran into a lot of really impressive cabinet redos when I looked into how to make cabinets like these:

from the Rustoleum Transformations website

look a little more like these:

Photo from here

So, without further ado here are the before and afters that impressed me most:

Photo from Rustoleum Transformations. I have never used the product Rustoleum Transformations but they have a great gallery of before and after photos that people have submitted. People seem pretty happy with them. 

Photo from Rustoleum Transformations

Photo from Rustoleum Transformations
Photo from Rustoleum Transformations

Photo from Rustoleum Transformations
Photo from Rustoleum Transformations

I know they aren't the most amazing thing you have ever seen. But for the cost of a gallon of paint and a weekend of your time... WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

This not so attractive kitchen was found here.
The impressive after photo can be found here.

My father-in-law suggested adding bead board and trim to the cabinets we were planning to redo. It sounded like a great idea to me. So I did my research and found someone who had already done it.

The blog In Between Laundry has some wonderful photos and advice about how to take ugly cabinets, add bead board and trim and make them beautiful! Her father-in-law seems to be involved in her cabinet redo too!

Here is the kitchen when they moved in:

This is what they did to each cabinet front.

And this is what they came out with! This is the best after photo I could find. I think they are still working on the kitchen.

So, there you have it! 
Life lesson of the day: Ugly kitchen cabinets can be transformed. 

And, last but certainly not least... A HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHOTO OF MY BFF ANGUS!

Here is a photo of the birthday girl enjoying Thanksgiving dinner on the beach in '05!


  1. Fun cabinet replacements!

    Happy Birthday Angela....that is a great photo Laura posted! Fun times in SD!

  2. Love this! George and I have been looking into doing this in the bathrooms and on the butlers pantry...still not brave enough to do it though!

    1. Mary, I doubt any of your cabinets need updating. Your house is gorgeous! If you do end up changing them this Rustoleum Transformation product seems pretty good. I used a product called "The Gripper" as a base and it worked really well!
      Miss you!

  3. Could youshow me more detail regarding how u painting your cabinet? Thank you