Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Nursery Chronices: Step 1: BABY FURNITURE!

Step 1: Get rid of the old furniture and try out some more baby-centric duds for the room. Crib, bookshelf, and daybed.

So here we are. Step 1 of The Nursey Chronicles. Feel free to read this as a bedtime story to your little ones. They are sure to be riveted.

The dresser was a hand-me-down from Scott's parents. It was a piece of furniture they had purchased when they were married over 40 years ago. So it had certainly had a nice, long life. Our old bud, Senor Craigslist, sold it for us. I feel confident that it went to a good home. The guys who came to pick it up were thrilled about how solid it was. I heard them say, "they just don't make furniture like this anymore" at least 35 times.

The side tables found a new home in a closet.

Our guest bed took residence in the bonus room that we now refer to as our Sweet Guest Suite (we don't actually call it that but I will definitely draft a petition to make sure we start).

After we got most of the furniture out of the room we were ready to load it up with some new digs!

The bookshelves in the photo below came from Ikea. The rocking chair was a gift from my dad to my mom after my sister, Kelly, was born! The long, narrow table was just there for a short time. I wanted to see if it did anything special for the room. It didn't- I sent that table aaah-packing.

The daybed was our big purchase for the nursery. I have been in love with it for years! It's from West Elm. Isn't she a beaut?!!??!

Here is Scott setting up the crib. He isn't into having his photo taken but usually he gives me a nicer face than the one below. That man loves himself some gold pants. 

This concludes the exciting adventures of Step 1 in The Nursery Chronicles.

The Nursery Chronicles will be back next week with a bit more pep in their step and a slightly more exciting post:

Step 2Convince my husband to do more painting than anyone would ever want to do in their whole life. Start the painting spree by painting over the headboard on the wall. Get a dresser/ changing table and refinish it.

Here are the rest of the steps that you have to look forward to:

Step 3: Get some more furniture. Start the decorating: Wire display for pictures.

Step 4: More decorating: Put up the book slings. Floating shelves.

Step 5: Decorations, Part 3: Hang art above the crib and all around the room

Step 6: Refinish side table and get a few more pieces of furniture

Step 7: Paint the chalkboard and mirror and hang them.

Step 8: Put up the curtains. Line the inside of the dresser with some of my extra fabric

Step 9: Paint the mailbox. Finishing touches.

And since I already spilled the beans in The Nursery Chronicles starter post. Here are the after photos:


  1. btw...that Rocking Chair was a gift from your Dad to me when I returned from Australia after we were married. Not after Kelly was born.