Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Things I've Learned From Owning A Home

This is the night that our occupancy went from 2 to 3!

In no particular order...
  • Write down every single paint color you use- trim, walls, cabinets, ceilings... EVERYTHING. Write down the brand you used, the finish and the color. I keep my paint colors in an email labeled "home paint colors" that I sent to myself. That way I can easily search for it when I need it.
  • Vinegar! It does so much good! It shines things. It cleans and disinfects things. It takes grout residue off tile. When you think your coffee maker is broken- just run a little vinegar through and BAM it will come back to life (tip from Kelly via her lady magazines). You can even use it as deodorant. Although some people (Scott) may not appreciate it when you do. 
  • If your city is lucky enough to provide you with a "bulky item pickup" find out all the details of what they take and what they don't before you dump your stuff at the curb.
  • Buy air filters in bulk. They are expensive! Amazon ends up being a decent amount cheaper than Wal-Mart or somewhere like that. Plus, it is nice to have them on hand when you decide to change them.
  • Try to reuse what you already have. If you aren't loving of a piece of furniture or some art in one room try it out in another room. Maybe refresh it with some paint or a new frame.
  • If you are questioning whether or not to put down a drop cloth. PUT IT DOWN. Also, go ahead and put something on that you won't be upset about messing up. I'd like to see you in your stone-washed jeans and shoulder pads or, really, anything that Dorothy Zpornak would wear.
  • Try to keep your garage parkable. That is almost impossible for us. Once you start throwing junk in your garage it is hard to go back. So clear it out. Park your el camino in there and keep it that way!
  • If you are low on storage space take another look at your closet and other storage areas. I bet there are a few places that you could add shelves. I put hooks all over the place. A great hidden place for them is right above the door frame of a small non-walk-in closet. I hang plastic bag overflow there. I have hangers on hooks above the door in the laundry room. Also, on the wall behind the door in a walk in closet I have about 15 hooks holding my bags.
  • Spray paint works wonders! It is great to use when you are on a budget. You can even turn your old brass hardware into a fancy schmancy oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel looking hardware.
  • Flip your mattresses, check your gutters, check the disposal for spoons before you run it, stain your deck as often as recommended so you don't have to replace boards. Love your home and take good care of it.

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