Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Art In Animals

I'm talking about funky animal skin patterns that look like awesome geometrical patterns.

It was not an easy task to come up with a post title here. They all made me sound like I paint with animal parts.

My sister sent me this photo of a rooster from a county fair that she went to in Ohio. She thought that he had an awesome pattern on his feathers. I totally agree. Isn't this guy cool?!?!

I guarantee he will inspire my art sometime soon. And guess what will happen when he does... IT WILL BE BLOG POST CITY AT NEVERLISTLESS.

This owl already inspired me. Actually, it was my mom's idea that he should be my inspiration.

Here's the fella I'm talking about:

Here's the art that this hip dude inspired:

The white petal-looking shapes were inspired by his feathers.

After the rooster, this zebra is lined up to make a celebrity appearance in my art.

You may have noticed that my sister gets some serious time on this blog. Let's make a list of the reasons:

  • She is awesome!
  • She is 1 of 2 people who read this blog. To be fair, I have only told 2 people about the blog. I'm sure when I open the floodgates the whole internet scene will probably go down for a couple of days because of all the traffic to my blog.
  • She actually pays attention to what I post about. She asks me lots of questions about it, gives me advice, and a sweet compliment here and there. 
  • She is awesome! That's right- I said it again.
  • She is a pretty lady and I can impress people by telling them she is related to me!
  • Back to impressing people- she is definitely the smartest lady in the world. Actually, she is the smartest person in the world. I instantly get 3,000 smart points by coming from the same gene pool as her.
Let's just start with those reasons. There are heaps more though!

So, to summarize:

  1. I do not paint with animal parts! I will never use that sentence again. It is grossing me out.
  2. Animal prints can inspire some neat art.
  3. My sister is awesome.

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