Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Bonus Room Chronicles

More Chronicles! 

People kept saying, "Laura, The Nursery Chronicles and The Master Bedroom Chronicles aren't enough. WE NEED MORE." Well, fictional people, I tell you HERE IT IS! 

This is the story of how one person's screening room became our "Funky, Retro Bonus Room."

When we were considering buying this house they had set the bonus room up as a media room. There are speakers on the walls and ceilings! They had a projector and a projector screen in place! We loved that but knew it wasn't practical for us.

What was practical?
Cue the Fooseball table, the silly chair and the funky, retro design on the wall.

We set it up as an office with a bunch of extra living space.

It is probably the biggest room in the house.

There was the Wake Forest Fooseball table. There was a bizarre red, corner piece of a sofa without the other 75% of the sofa. Scott loved that red sofa-chair. Well let me let you in on a little secret- that bizarre, red sofa-chair did not make the final cut. Scott was SADDDDD to see that thing go. But as I told you here Scott lost his decorating vote when he bought a grease-stained, wood-paneled, corduroy couch on Craigslist for $100.

Below are some photos of what the bonus room looked like a few months after we moved in

Here is a close-up of the chair. Scott claimed it was comfortable. I still do not understand how. Maybe if you give that pie-shaped seat the ol' 180 it could be tolerable. Either way, Senor Craigslist stepped in to solve the problem for us again.

There were art prints on the wall being held up by sticky tack. There were polka dots like I had when I was little. There were home-made curtains. This funky, retro bonus room has a bit of everything.

I'm going to do things a little different on these chronicles. I am not going to give away the happy ending quite yet. You will have to make it through the following steps to see where we are today:

The Bonus Room Chronicles Introduction Post

Step 1: Move in. Paint the walls. Put up curtains. Put up art. Paint orange design. Paint polka dots.

Step 2Put up wire display.

Step 3Put up wall of frames.

Step 4Move furniture around. Get rid of TV. Add bed.

Step 5: Part 1Part 2Part 3Build window seat and built in bookcases.

Step 6Change out the bifold doors

Step 7: Part 1.  Part 2Part 3Finishing touches

Stay tuned for a special post tomorrow!


  1. I forgot how different the bonus room used to look! It's such a transformation!

  2. Hey, waiting anxiously for the post of the Bonus room as it looks today.

    1. You are going to have to wait a bit more anxiously. You have 7 steps that will be spread out over about 2 months to get you there! I have a feeling you might see it in person before the big blog reveal.