Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Bonus Room Chronicles: Step 5: Part 3: Window Seat & Built-In Bookcase

It is Chronicle time around these parts! Step 5 is the star of the show today; Step 5, Part 3 to be exact. I am sorry to drag this out so much, but that is just the way it goes!

We left off The Bonus Room Chronicles with all of the big pieces in place. The only things to do were to trim it, paint it, and decorate it.

The third installment of Step 5 will cover the trimming and decorating. 

Here are our temporary decorations. The colors are right, but the placement is not. I just threw whatever I had around up there to see what worked.

Then, we painted everything white, and touched up the blue. We added crown moulding at the top,  and trim around the edges. To fill in the small empty spaces from the wall to the bookshelves, we used luan plywood.
Here is the left side all finished up.

Here is the right side all finished up.

 Here is a little 11 month old baby enjoying her finished bookshelves and window seat.
Actually, it looks like what she's really enjoying is starring at Big Bear. But her mama was definitely starring at and enjoying the built ins being finished.

Here is the right side with its somewhat temporary decorations.

Lefty loo is hanging out and being cool too! 

Just two more steps until we get to check this Chronicle series off our list. In Step 6, we will change out the bifold doors. Lastly, in Step 7, we will decorate the built in, do some painting and call it done!

In case you missed any of the previous steps and need a little refresher course you can find them here!

The Bonus Room Chronicles Introduction Post

Step 1: Move in. Paint the walls. Put up curtains. Put up art. Paint orange design. Paint polka dots.

Step 2Put up wire display.

Step 3Put up wall of frames.

Step 4Move furniture around. Get rid of TV. Add bed.

Step 5: Part 1Part 2Part 3Build window seat and built in bookcases.

Step 6Change out the bifold doors

Step 7: Part 1.  Part 2Part 3Finishing touches