Thursday, February 7, 2013

13 Lovely Gender Neutral Baby Abodes!

Happy Thursday! Let's start today off with a bright and sunny photo! Scott and I didn't know if Cora was going to be a girl or a boy so we went with a yellow, grey and green nursery although I probably would have chosen those colors either way. Let's take a look at how other parents have interpreted the gender neutral thing.

I love this sun clock and clouds! And, who doesn't want an enormous crab and a monsterous dog book on their dresser?

I am a big fan of green cribs (check out Cora's lovely green one below), but those curtains are what's getting me in this photo. And, I'm not sure you can see it but there is an awesome framed pictured of Mr. Potato Head too!

Here's Cora's green machine.

Fantastic arbor-age!  I'm inspired to turn this guy into a painting with some scrapbook paper or neat fabric. I am also loving the funky retro rocking chair.

Banner is my middle name and this is a pretty one! I also thought that thing in the corner was a home-made basketball hoop for a second. That would be a neat idea- to make a pretty one yourself  that fits the theme of the room. Fun and functional! 
The enormous mushrooms are not my favorite unless there Papa Smurf and his gang are living inside them.
Lastly, twine chandelier... yes, please!

Dog silhouettes, striped ceiling and a beautiful chandelier. This one is fancy! 

This fella is a bit different than what I would usually like. So, that's why I included it. Well, that and the super cool yellow dachshund under the crib and gator on the wall.

Wallpaper, ottomans, chair! Yes! 

Funky, everything! I like!

This yellow and grey nursery paradise has matching curtains to Cora's yellow and grey nursery paradise (see photo below). I'm always diggin' on some chevron! And, a practically life-sized giraffe never hurt anyone.

The curtains above don't have a fabulous monkey-head-hat attached to theirs like Cora's curtains do.

Lovely letters! I read somewhere about an idea for a baby shower where everyone brings a letter that they decorate themselves or a random object that looks like the letter. The idea is to have a cool art piece like the one below!


I love these curtains and they look very DIY-able! 

A whole wall of books and a lovely ceiling. This bad boy may just have to be copied! 

No, I'm not pregnant. I am just here to appreciate some beautiful gender neutral nurseries.

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  1. There were lots of beautiful nurseries, but I like yours the best. It looks like it came right out of a magazine.

    The crazy alphabet is cool, but get rid of that cross for the t. That's weird. And I LOVE the wall o' books--seriously, I want that in my room. But that ottoman has got to go.

    1. Thank you!
      I am obsessed with the wall of books too!

  2. Your's is obviously my favorite but I appreciate that wall of books with the striped ceiling. The ottoman is not my favorite but the LOVE pillow makes up for it! One day....

    1. gracias! go get to work on that wall of books!

  3. I'm a big fan of the wall of books. I like browsing in the bookstore when the books are turned like that. I bet they sell twice as many that way.

    1. You need a wall of books too! Wall of books for everyone!