Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Favorite Cora Photos: Months 8-9, Part 3

Happy Saturday! I hope it is just what you want it to be- productive? relaxing? filled with a 90210 marathon? I am going to start the day out in one of my favorite ways... with a look at some photos of my sweetie babytoddler!

Aww she is not sporting nearly as much chub these days and I have to say I miss it a little bit.

Spoons were her favorite toys for a while. 

 Mandatory monthly photo of silly time playing with dad. 

Family photo.  Professionally taken, obviously.

I realize now that the huge flower clip on top of her head looks a bit silly. For some reason it made sense to me at the time. In my defense, she did need something of the sort to keep hair out of her eyes.

Silly girl! 

Everyone needs one of those super upright flattest-bill-in-the-world baseball caps from the 80s. This one is from my dad's old company.

A little smile! And a baby who looks a lot like her daddy.

Lookin' good with your sweet potato, Cora! 

Park blanket time! 

Another of her favorite toys: keys! 

Cora was not a star with the baseball bat at this point so Scott showed off his skillz. 

Cora showed off her grass-eating skillz! 

And her toy-eating skillz!

I cropped a lot of this photo out to minimize your Scott-rear exposure.

It might not look like it in this photo, but Scott and Cora were having so much fun here! #thebestmoments (shhhh just let the subconscious hashtag usage happen). 

More Cora time:


  1. Everytime you post a Cora favorite photos post I think, "that one was the cutest month," but then the next one is even cuter. I think maybe Cora is just a total cutie.

  2. I think she looks quite beautiful with her big flower clip.