Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Favorite Cora Photos! 5-6 Months Old, Part 1

I had to do it, people. Once again, I could not fit one month's worth of my favorite Cora photos into a single blog post. So, you get half now and half in a week or two. I try my best to keep you in suspense. I am obviously doing a good job since I am 10 months behind on my favorite monthly Cora photos in the first place.

Putting Cora on your shoulders (specifically, when Scott put her on his shoulders) used to be one of Cora's favorite things in the whole world.

When Cora was 6 months old I thought time was flying but man oh man is it going even faster these days! 

Here is Cora with her Pop.
I know the face she's making well... I can't see any drool but I know it's there somewhere.

This was only the 2nd thing we had on the chalkboard in Cora's room. Scott drew a fairly accurate but still pretty bizarre picture of Cora.

She was just starting to sit up well by herself. 

Cora's eyes stayed almost as enormous as they were in month 5.

It is still hard for me not to take a photo of her when she's sleeping. I see it in person so rarely. 

Here she is celebrating Australia Day with some Aussie stuffed animals and a Vegemite shirt. 

Ohhh I just want to pick her up and cuddle her.

Cora loved to stand! 

Sweet smiley colorful little baby! 

Eeeeee! She's the best! 

Oh my goodness! Look at those baby back rolls!  

There's Mrs. Big Eyes again! 

My dad was always making a big deal about how I should try to give her a better hairdo. The headband was my attempt to make him happy. 

Here comes Mrs. Big Eyes McStander-Pants again! 

And, one more from this day of her making one of the most awesome faces I've ever seen! 

Surprise! I'm wearing a fancy sweater but still no pants! 

At least I look pretty happy about it! 

Here she is trying out the high chair... only a few more days until she gets to try real food! 

There you have it, my friends. Another edition of my favorite Cora photos is finito. If you need a little more Cora in your life you can get it here: