Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Christmas Tree Topper!

Last week, I gave you some ideas for less traditional tree toppers and I told you I would show you what we ended up with.

Well folks, I keep my promises!

Here it is:
A funky Jingle-Bug tree topper! 
A new tradition has been born... go around the house to find what we can put on top of the tree.

This year, I also tried a slinky tree topper.
Obviously, the slinky wasn't cutting it.

I tried the play Christmas tree that Grandmama gave Cora last year.
Not too bad, but not quite right.

Hedwig the owl (known around here as "Owly"... clever, clever) was close but he just didn't cut the mustard (I got that saying wrong, didn't I?) compared to Jingle-Bug.

So, it was decided... Jingle-Bug Topper, it was.

Jingle Bug is part of Cora's music collection. The girl is completely set if she wants to form a band. And, by the way she plays the harmonica, she is lookin' to form a band. Let's do the important part first... band name suggestions, anyone?

Cora approved!

Last year we used two different ornaments to make a Santa Claus tree topper.

And, for the 4 years before that, we used a giraffe ornament that I think Scott got at the San Diego zoo.

Soon, I will show you some of my favorite ornaments and what my house has got going on for the holidays!

Does anyone vote for Hedwig or any of the other choices? Next year, I may be looking to turn an old giraffe stuffed animal into the tree topper. I loved the giraffe ornament but he was just too teeny tiny of a little fellow. 

One more thing... a little BIRTHDAY holla holla HOLLA!


  1. There is no WYR so I guess we vote for a tree topper instead. I like Owly.

  2. I would like Owly if the tree was about 2 times that size, but given the actual size of your tree I think Jingle Bug is the right proportion.

  3. Your tree is lovely and I agree with Kelly, if your tree was bigger, Owly would be perfect but I love Jingle's very fitting!

  4. I vote for Owly and not because I got it for Cora at Harry Potter World. He looks good perched up there on top of the tree.
    I think Cora's band should be called "The Jingle Bugs"!
    I think you could also use a new Christmas tree skirt, sorry I don't have an extra one of those. Do you have any creative ideas for them?

  5. Wow! Overwhelming votes for Owly. I agree that the tree needs to be a little bigger for him to be perfect.
    Mom, I don't have any creative ideas for a tree skirt. I will have to take a look to see if I can DIY a cheap and easy one. I am not really interested in spending money on a new one when mine is alright.