Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Living Room Chronicles. Step 1: Move In, Hang Art

Welcome back to The Living Room Chronicles

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to the living room we met when we bought our current house. 

Today, I am going to take you through Step 1: Move in. Put in whatever furniture we had. Hang art.

My mom came to visit us not long after we moved into our house. Apparently, I had not taken any photos of our house after we moved in. Luckily, my mom takes everyday photos like we are at Disneyland. It was around Easter and she had an egg hunt for Scott and I. That is why there are pillows thrown all over the place. The floor is super messy because we were in the process of ripping up that carpet. The random dog is named Lawrence. He is my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's dog.

Look at that beautiful Camellia tree!

I would rather not have shown you this flattering "throw candy in my mouth" photo. But it is the only one I could find that really showed you this side of the living room. 

This was all still in the process of being set up. We were still in the "pile everything into a room and try to make it work" phase. 

Here is Grandmama hanging out with Lawrence. 

Easter Egg Hunt time! 

After this initial stage, we:

We have 6 more steps to get us to the finished product. But, let's go ahead and take a look.

The After Photos!!!

Now, let's talk about the steps that got us there!

7 Step-Diddy-Do-Das for you:

Step 1: Move in. Put in whatever furniture we had. Hang art.

Step 2: The Craigslist deal of a lifetime

Step 3: New coffee table

Step 4: DIY remote control holder. A tiny, tiny step, but we are still calling it one.

Step 5: Should we change out the fireplace?

Step 6: The plant table and the plants

Step 7: Finishing touches


  1. That Camellia bush has never looked as good as it did that year. Think that was the trip I revealed that Emery & I were dating!
    That room looks lovely. I keep wondering tho when you are going to want to change it up!
    Sad there is no Cora in any of the photos!
    I do like that "skinny" Grandmama photo tho, it has inspired me!
    I am excited to hear the best ever Craig list story, hope it is as good as the Hide-a-bed one!

    1. You must miss that camellia bush blooming when you come down because it look gorgeous every year! It is so pretty! When we move, I will miss that bush and the Japanese Maple. They are so pretty!
      I would be shocked if you didnt already know the CL story

  2. I'm also excited about step 5, because I remember the Microsoft Paint illustration that comes with that step. Your room is lovely!! I don't remember it with carpet at all--the bamboo flooring makes a huge difference.

    1. Oh yeah! You know there are some Paint illustrations that come with it!
      The carpet was only there for a month max. You must have missed the cat-peed carpet.

  3. Beautiful!!! I'm sure you showed me the before pics but it's been so long ago now I forgot how much work you all put into it. Such an amazing decorator!!! Love all that you've done to your house!

    1. Thanks! I love what you've done to your house too!