Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Card Display Ideas

I always try to display my holiday cards for as long as possible. A lot of them don't come in until a few days before Christmas and I hate the idea of only getting to enjoy them for a couple of days. So, I let those fellas shine until at least Applesauce Cake Day, which everybody obviously knows is June 6th!

I use a random photo display type thing that I've had since I was in middle school along with a few of those clip picture displays. I'll show you what I'm talking about at the end. Until then, let's check out some ideas for displaying your cards that are WAYYYYY cooler than mine.

Cover a bulletin board with wrapping paper and pin your cards up. Throw in some other festive or pretty things for fun! Another idea is to cover a painting with wrapping paper and stick the cards on it with sticky tack. 

The decorative ladder is back, folks! Bust it out, loop some ribbon around it and clothespin those lovely cards up!

I had some extra louvered bifold doors that i was looking for a use for forever. Finally, I gave up. But, you don't have to... store those big honkin' thing in your attic to break out once a year as a holiday card display. Nevermind, that sounds insane. Put them on Craigslist or Freecycle and stop those bad boys from takin' up your precious storage space.

You know you needed another way to incorporate the Christmas tree shape into your life!

If you happen to have a pretty cool fake birdcage like this one or a funky real one sitting around then YES this should be the new home for your holiday cards!

Roll out the red and white paper and cut yourself an enormous candy cane!
Now, pin those cards up and make it pretty.

String your cards across something like a mantle.

Or string them down a door.

You can decorate a mirror with them.

An embroidery hoop and some clothespins makes a pretty cool card display. Although, I would like to meet someone who could make that perfect of a bow!

You know I had to get my branch on!

Or you could decorate your banister with your beautiful cards!

Now, onto my super random display that looks especially ridiculous after you have just checked out all of the awesome ideas above. I had only received one card when I took this photo. So, I used a couple of the cards I sent out last year along with a bunch of old photos of my dad and his family that I had laying around.

I tried making it a bit more festive with some PAPER CHAIN!!! WOOO HOO! 

I hope you gained some card-hanging inspiration from this post. Or you could just go the normal, easy route and put them in a basket especially considering you will probably have them displayed for about a week.

Now comes the time you have all been waiting for... 

The Weekly Wednesday Would You Rather Question!


be able to talk and understand animals (No possible monetary gains from it)
you have someone do all of your errands (You don't have to pay them)?

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  1. I still use the basket that I somehow inherited from Grandma. I sprayed painted it gold(you would have been proud of me) and put a bow on it and it has been my card holder for many years.
    I actually gave a fake bird cage to one of my co-workers (bought it from World Market). I don't know if she uses it for Christmas cards.
    That is some crazy wallpaper in the candy cane idea photo. I like the branch idea a lot & I think your idea for displaying cards is very prett, I'm sure you will get way more cards than you have holders to display them. I have some extra cubes with clips!!! The garland makes a big difference.
    Wow, this is a long comment.
    wyr: have someone do my errands! Animals have a limited vocabulary and a small range of topics.

    1. You're a funny lady!
      You need to tell mrs bird cage how to display her photos!

  2. I love these ideas...I always just tape them to my inside door heading into the garage! and understand animals....would so love to know what some are thinking or think of us in our stupid high pitch voices when we speak to them.

    1. I like the door taping idea too!
      I would like to know those things too!

  3. Animals is my choice here, if nothing else you can make sure you never run into a deer or get bit by a snake/shark.

    1. As we just discussed in person, I don't think you will be able to talk to a deer fast enough to tell him/her to watch out. And, I'm not sure you would be able to talk a snake or shark out of biting you.
      Either way, I vote animals too!