Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree Treats!

Yes, that is what we are working with today. Christmas Tree Treats.

I had planned on writing about easy and delicious (delicious-looking, anyway) food that you can make for the holidays. But after taking a look at what my internet stalking turned up I realized that to me holiday food means desserts in the shape of Christmas trees. So, that is what you fancy folks get to take a gander at today... Christmas Tree Treats!

Four of the ten evergreen goodies don't quite meet the "treat" criteria. But they are shaped like Christmas trees so why not! 

Now let's check to see if your drool machines are in tact.

For some reason, icing is better when it comes in the form of a tiny tube line. 
And, that is a fact!

Make some cake. Powder 'em up and play stacking rings with them!


Cut a pineapple into a cone and toothpick those perfectly iced strawberries on!

I present you with Pesto Pizza with Red Peppers and Pretzels!

Fact #1: Rice Krispie Treats are yummy!

Fact #2: When they are stacked up like a Christmas tree and decorated with candy, they become irresistible.

Christmas tree pancakes with cream. Try and stop me from going to town on them!

The time has come for us to talk about cheese.

I know I haven't fooled anyone into thinking that this one is a Christmas Tree Treat. 
But it is a pretty adorable veggie tray!


Browines, strawberries, icing, generic M&Ms.

I didn't know it until now but I think my dream has come true!
It is pretty handy that Christmas trees are in the shape of pizza so everyone can have their favorite food on Christmas!

Now, all of you crafty chefs out there get to work! I want to hear about at least one Tannebaum Treat on your table just 6 days from now!

If you still can't believe that Jolly Ol' Saint Nick will be coming down your chimney (or vent system if you don't have a chimney) check out some of my other holiday posts. They will surely get you in the spirit:

And a photo for the Grandparents!

This post isn't over yet!! It is time for 

Wednesday's Weekly Would You Rather Question!

be able to control stop lights so you never ever have to stop at one again
have hair that you get complimented on by strangers at least 4 times a day?

ha! Such a random question. I want some answers, people!

One more thing: an update on the Hot Nuts from yesterday. It turns out that they are even better served cold. They were in the fridge over night and I had one in the morning... delicious! I know you were wondering. So, you're welcome!


  1. Strangely enough all the savory treats appealed to me the most. Pesto pizza, cheese tree and even the veggie tree, that is a good sign.
    Of course my fav is that little pink girl!
    wyr: stop lights, already have hair compliments..jk

    1. The veggie tree!! Alright!!!

      The hair compliments is such a weird choice. I'll be surprised if anyone goes for it.

  2. Crescent Holiday Tree
    1 can (8oz) crescent dinner rolls or 1 can (8oz) crescent recipe creations (I used crescents, cutting them while still in a roll)
    1 container (8oz) chives and onion cream cheese (I used plain cream cheese and added fresh chopped onion and chives)
    1 TBL milk
    ¾ medium red bell pepper
    ¼ medium yellow bell pepper
    ½ cup chopped broccoli
    2 TBL sliced baby carrots
    1 TBL chopped cucumber
    Heat oven to 375. Cut crescent roll into 16 pieces. Place on ungreased cookie sheet in the shape of a tree.
    Bake 11-13 minutes or until golden brown. Cool 1 minute, carefully loosen from cookie sheet with spatula and place on cooling rack, cooling completely. Place tree on serving platter.
    Cut strips of red pepper for garland and chop remaining ingredients. Decorate the tree. Serve immediately, or cover loosely and refrigerate up to 24 hours before serving.

    1. What does your crescent holiday tree look like? Sounds like a neat recipe!

  3. I totally pick the hair compliments. One hundred percent. I hardly ever drive, so what do I care about stoplights?

    Love the Cora photo!