Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve! A List Of Where To Celebrate!

Happy New Year's Eve!!! Today, NL has got a little list action for you. 


  • Anywhere- as long as you're with the ones you love!
  • Times Square, New York with one million other people
  • Kiribati or Samoa. Those beautiful islands are the first place in the world to countdown the new year. I believe one of NL's readers, Richard, recently went to Kiribati. Richard, is Kiribati the place to be to ring in the new year?

  • American Samoa- the last place to celebrate the new year. If you loved 2012 this is your way to hold onto it for just touch longer!

Doesn't it seem crazy that Samoa and American Samoa are about as close as islands can get and they are 25 hours apart. Planning things could get a bit tricky. By the way, I do realize that this crazy time warp has to happen somewhere. But I bet the fact that they are both Samoas makes things slightly funkier. Below is a some map action for you.

  • On the floor doing sit-ups or whatever you can do to get your resolution started. Yes, it may be a little lame to get your workout on at midnight. But doing so will certainly prove that you're serious. 

  • Awesome dance party! Go have some fun! Get your dance on. Bring your own playlist (from here).

That is a serious dance party. I do realize that I am making the world's creepiest face. My super flexible sister is bridging it up above me.

  • In a time-traveling DeLorean where you can pick the year you want to celebrate in.

  • Big Ben, London. Celebrate the new year by watching an enormous clock with a bunch of lovely-accented people! The Royal Greenwich Observatory in London also has quite a few fancy clocks. 
Not quite Big Ben, but at least Abbey Road is in London.
  • On the plane where you can fly through all sorts of time zones and celebrate New Year's multiple times! About 20 years ago, my mom, sister and I flew home from Australia and were thrilled to get to say HAPPY NEW YEAR about 5 different times as the pilot announced it over the loudspeaker.
  • San Francisco, a fireworks factory or anywhere that has a great fireworks display. I kind of doubt that firework companies put on a fancy display on New Year's Eve. But, they should!
  • And, on the other side of the spectrum... a clear sky to watch the stars and think of all the fun you had in 2012.
  • Last, and probably least, a clock store where you can see 2013 happen all around you! Everyone knows that clock stores are open 24 hours a day every day of the year.

There she is! The New Year's List of a Lifetime!

Don't forget, yesterday I shared an awesome New Year's Eve playlist that my sister and I made. Go ahead and press that big triangle play button and get to listening! My sister spent a long time making it available to you online. If you have Spotify, click here to get your music on.

One more thing... a New Year's Eve birthday shout out to a bud I've known since kindergarten.


  1. Can't get the playlist to work!!
    Also, you & Kelly were with your Dad flying home from Australia. I stayed behind to celebrate Australia's Bi-centennial on Jan 26 1988!

    1. oops! thanks for the correction.
      also, it looks like you might have to have Spotify to listen to the playlist. Sorry about that! I changed the wording on the 2 posts to reflect it.
      But Spotify is pretty cool! you would like it.

  2. Hey, if your thing is an island full of canned fish from Taiwan or Argentina, onion a the only reliable fresh food, unusable beaches, stray dogs and mosquitoes... Then come on down to Kiribati!
    Well, it's not really that bad but it's not like that photo, that's for sure.
    Theyre only 2 hours ahead of Sydney: just come here instead!
    Ps is that Louise I see at Abbey Rd?

    1. Yes, its Louise, Kelly and Laura.

    2. ohhh that does not sound like what I am looking for in a New Year's Eve celebration. I am lucky to have you here to give the heads up!
      Yes, Louise is looking cool in her plaid pants!

  3. Love the blog Laurita! I dont think i've seen that fantastic picture of you crossing Abbey Rd before! Make that your profile pic asap, It's great. Thanks for the bday shout out.

    1.) It is clear that everyone in our brownie troup loved jean skirts. 2.) I look like the Nutcracker in my dress

    PS I am sitting at my desk right now eating 100 Grand bars and it made me think of you! LUMU

    1. I am looking good in that Abbey Rd pic, aren't I!?!
      I think we were supposed to be dressed up as cowgirls. Hence the bandana around my neck. I'm not sure how you interpreted cowgirl to mean nutcracker!
      yay for 100 grand bars! lumu