Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm All Up In Your Hizzie: Holiday Edition #3

I showed you Mary's Christmas Tree Extravaganza a little over a week ago. We took a look at Becca's Peacock Palace last week. Now, it is time to head on over to Richmond, VA to take a peak at Deanna's Kitschy Creations!

This is a photo of Deanna's front porch from a few years ago.
Deanna is by far the most creative person I know. Ideas are constantly spewing out of her brain about fun decorations, unique businesses, inspiring art, and everything else. I asked her to send me a few photos of her decorations this year and she did not disappoint. But considering how much she loves the holidays, the photos below are not her normal holiday-wild-crazypantness. 

Deanna's holiday cards are always something to look forward to. They are super duper unique and make you do a little laughing out loud. This year she figured out a way to send one of my very favorite parts of Christmas in the form of a holiday card. She sent an awesome mix of holiday music. The envelope was the CD cover. You have to see it to understand how awesome it is. So, here you go:

She knows how to make a holiday playlist! Hers included many of my favorites, which you can check out here.

Deanna has a photo blog. Check her out... she's neat!

Here is her beautiful tree! So much color! It makes me smile and say wheeee!!
Check out the awesome stripes and tree on the wall in the background. Someone is going to have to get a for real "I'm All Up In Your Hizzie" sometime soon!

Deanna just bought the Santa coming out of the chimney decoration from an antique shop.
Isn't it fun?

Here is another shot of the mantel. It makes me want to watch A Muppets Christmas or the Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer movie!

More color on her banister! I'm impressed that all three of my house crashees have decked out their banisters!

I stole this one off Deanna's blog.
A candy cane covered in googly eyes! Who wouldn't want that on their tree?

This one is also from her blog. Actually, from here on out all of the photos were pilfered from DeannaDoesDrawing.
Deserves an Awww Bahhhh!

Her mini dog loves the holidays too!
Eeeee! What a cutie. And so well-behaved!

A lighted pic dressed as Santa... perfect!

A beautiful tangle of lights!

An adorable DIY ornament!

And one more photo deserving of an Awww Bahhh
So pretty and such a great idea. 

Let's take another look at her front stoop!

Isn't she creative? She was probably the only person I knew who had a bedroom in high school as crazy as mine.

The holidays are so stinkin' close I can't even believe it!!! Are you all in the holiday spirit? Are you holiday crafts done? Cards sent out? Pickle ornaments hidden?


  1. Nice 'crib' Deanna! Very festive decorations.
    You always did love a good yard sale buy.

  2. Geez! Thanks for all the kind words! I love looking at your blog! It's like a high school reunion meets Pinterest!