Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm All Up In Your Hizzie: Holiday Edition #2

Last week, I got all up in Mary's hizzie to help get you into the holiday spirit.
Today, we are going to take a look at another holiday hizzie.

You might remember Becca from her big win on the the grocery challenge! Wooo Hoo- considering she is a very impressive audiologist I am not sure that it was her biggest accomplishment! You also got to see a photo of her in high school here!

I knew that Becca was going a little holiday wild this season so I asked her to send me some photos of what she had been working on! 

She is quite the spirited little lady! 

Becca's house is awesome! You can tell a lot of thought has gone into everything she has done with it and it has turned out fantastically! Hopefully, you are going to see more of Becca on NL when she lets us in on some of her super secret house projects!

Now, off we go to Becca's peacock paradise!

Becca went with a blue and peacock theme. She made most of the decorations herself or with help from her mom. The rest of them she tweaked to make them more her style. They are beautiful! Go ahead with your bad self, Becca!

Check out her gorgeous tree! Apparently, Becca knows how to work her ribbon!

Here are some closeups of her peacock tree.

She even sewed some Christmas stockings out of burlap and ribbon.  
She recommends a cross stitch for sewing burlap.
I have no idea what that means but I thought I would pass it along!

Look how fancy she got with her homemade reversible table runner. 

Even her presents are pretty! 
Mine are basically wrapped with newspaper and Becca's giftwrap matches her tree!

And guess where the famous reindeer, Prancer and Dancer, like to hang out when they aren't cruisin' the clouds? You guessed it... Becca's house. 
I'm pretty sure she can read the minds of animals. 
Did you see the pink bows on their antlers? That is what animals want in life!

She made a lovely centerpiece by throwing ornaments into a glass jar!
I love the ornaments in a jar look! You can check out some similar ones here .

Becca turned mason jars into vases with a little spray paint.
She painted a wine bottle with chalkboard paint and turned it into a festive vase!

Becca and Mary must have been inspired by the same photo on Pinterest!

One more shot of her pretty tree! 

There you have it folks!
Now, you have have seen two of the most fabulously decorated houses around.
Really, what more could you ask for?!?!


  1. Yesss I made the blog again! I am a crazy Christmas freak!

  2. Becca definitely has it going on for Christmas!

  3. LOVE all of it! that girl has some style

    1. go ahead with your stylin' self, becca! <-- that is how I interpreted what you said!

  4. Dr. Becca must've also won States in Christmas Cheer leading (that was terrible, but it's all I got, ok? Don't judge me). I must've missed the WYR for this installment, so I took the liberty of making up my own. In case you're curious, I chose, "shrimp paste", hands down.

    - David