Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let's Keep This Holiday Train Going With Some Christmas Decorations

Oh my goooooooooooodness do I wish people would pay me to make holiday crafts for them! Is this a job? Someone tell me who is in need of holiday pretties and we will make a deal! Until a deal has been made I will continue to show you all of the creative and beautiful things you can make if you find a way to add 5 extra hours to the day!


Let's start this holiday decorating party out in Garland Town. Garland isn't just for your tree. String those puppies on your wall. Designate a holiday corner and make it official with some garland. It is a fact- everyone needs a holiday corner.

I love everything about this Joy garland. I love the glitter pen outline. I love the funky paper. The string is even a twisted red and white! Cute cute cuteness overload!

Pom-pom garland! Fuzzy and fun. It is taking all of my will power not to run out to the store to get started on this beauty!

Let's get real... you can put anything on a string. 
So, why not give bedazzled felt candy canes a try.

You might remember how much I love the idea of decorating with acorns. They are tiny and adorable. When you add paint and acorns the possibilities are endless!

Fabric is fantastic. Everyone knows it. I am a fabric hoarder which is especially ridiculous because I have no idea how to sew. The pretty little garland below lets you show off your fabric fabulousness without even busting out a needle!

 A free garland.

You know that holiday corner you've got going on at your house? Go ahead and add a few of these fancy hanging beauties from the ceiling to really get that corner holidayed-up!

One of the classiest decorations you will ever see grace the pages on NL.

Here's a neat way to showcase your love of paper. 

Show your neighbors how festive  you are! 

Wrap up your extra ornaments in a vase. Ta-da fancy shmancy centerpiece! 

If you have a tiered rack like the one below, by all means get your pink ornaments on it asap! 

Hand print Christmas tree! This could be another alternative tree. You could even poke little holes in it and hang ornaments!

What good are a bunch of holiday inspiration photos without another branch photo?
No good is the answer to that question. So, here you go.

And, there you have it! GO GO GO! It is time to get a-decoratin'!!!

The holidays are upon us and I am doing my best to prepare you for them:

WOO WOO! It is time for Wednesday's Weekly Would You Rather Question!

WYR... eat a 2 foot Philly Cheesesteak
an 8 inch beet and mustard sandwich?

(FYI This is a Scott WYR)

And, to make my mom happy, here is a photo of my Snork-haired little babytoddler.

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  1. I keep telling you she will not appreciate those hairdo photos when she is older. Must admit tho some of them are pretty cute! I just remember all the grief I get about photos of you & Kelly and the hairstyles I gave you.
    I hope you have found a festive use for that paper garland I gave you from work.

    wyr: 2ft philly cheesesteak

    1. I am avoiding bangs because it seems like it is easy for baby bangs to turn into a mullet!
      It is hard to keep her hair out of her eyes. The only thing that works (sometimes) is the Snork look! Sorry, mama! It isn't my top choice either.

      haha! I haven't done anything with your paper "garland" yet! I will give it a whirl soon.

  2. I understand, believe me it was no fun trying to keep your hair out of your eyes. Kelly was the worst tho, she hated having her hair done.
    These were some very pretty decorations you posted. They make me happy to see all the pretty ideas.

  3. We did one of those ideas...the greenery with sticks on the banister...saw it on pinterest and we wanted to do something different this year.

    Love all of the ideas!!

    And LOVE the snork cute....pretty much the only time you can get away with it and still be adorable.

    WYR....Philly Cheese steak if I must.

  4. A 2 foot philly cheesesteak sounds like just the ticket.

    1. Excellent. Your heart will certainly appreciate it.

  5. I did the garland on the staircase with some sparkly flowers. It was fancy!

    2 foot cheesesteak sounds delish. I'm sure I would be sick but anything for a WYR!