Friday, November 23, 2012

22 Funky, Unusual, Alternative Christmas Trees

Happy day after Thanksgiving!

In a couple days, I am going to show you some of my favorite ideas for Christmas tree. For now, let's get you in the pine scented spirit with some seriously funky and unusual Christmas trees!

If you aren't into having a big green tree taking up your whole living room here are a couple ideas for you (and by a couple I obviously mean 22).

Do you have a bookcase? Do you have books? Then you, my friend, have a Christmas tree!

If you don't want a big GREEN tree taking up your whole living room how about a white one with some seriously colorful ornaments?

I have enough scraps of fabric to make 30 of these cute little trees. Who wants to have a craft day with me?

I love the whole scene that is happening in the photo below! Once again, if you don't want a GREEN tree how about a tiny little pink tree? 

I hope you don't have this many cans of soda sitting around your house. But if you do: first of all, stop being so gross and recycle your cans already. Second, get to stackin'. 

There is no denying it... this is still a big green tree taking up a lot of your living room. But it is funky, unusual and an alternative to a regular Christmas tree.

You could make this one out of cardboard and your dog could help?

Hang your knick knacks on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. This is really cool looking but man oh man would it take a long time and possibly leave a bunch of marks on your wall. Maybe you could do it behind a leaning mirror and just move the mirror every Christmas.

A ladder!!! Ladders have so many uses! You can lean art on them. You can hang Advent Calendars on them! You can use them like they are meant to be used. That's it, I am investing all my money in ladders. 

I have professed my love for decorated branches to you many times! But I have never professed my love for branches hanging from the ceiling before. I love it! I do wish I could see how it is attached. I would likely ruin the whole scene by creeping it up with some duct tape.

It looks like the decorations on this tree are attached to plywood or something and held up by a 2x4. So, you could make this funky little fella and store him until he gets to be displayed in all his glory once a year! 

Whoa! Who-ville is in the hizzie! This is Christmas overload! Very funky.

Green book time. Breakout your collection of books about everyone's favorite color (green, duh) and stack em up, sistah!

That is a lot of stinkin' bottles. If you have them, by all means put them to use!

Ugh the paper lover in me wants to cry about all of these notes being wasted. I am going to assume that the post-it fiend who made this lovely tree is going to pile them up and reuse them. 

Go ahead now Ringo Starr! Drum it up good! 

One more time... my love for branches is unstoppable.

There may be some green underneath all of those decorations but she is certainly a slim-shady. 

A Christmas tree full of all of your junk! 

Get that book collection back out! It is time to stack them up and add the lights. Ehh... maybe not the lights. There is no sense into making the firefighters of the world visit your lovely abode.

Lights on the wall with a few ornaments. Easy, cute, and potentially another fire hazard. 

Last, but not least, bust your 2x4 collection out again and doing some hammerin'. Throw a bit of paint randomly on the boards, add some hearts and while you're at it have some hot chocolate!

That, my pals, concludes another edition of Never Listless Holiday Time!

Sike! I got your good... it is Would You Rather Time!

WYR... the only thing you are ever able to watch on TV or stream on the internet is basketball
episodes of Seinfeld?

The holidays are upon us and I am doing my best to prepare you for them:

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  1. Those are some great ideas. I especially like the green book tree. There were a lot of Who-ville type trees in that list.

    WYR: b-ball!!!

    1. I definitely thought of you when I wrote this WYR.
      I agree- there are some serious who-villes floating around this post!