Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Must Read! An Interview With A 2nd Grade Writing Genius

I am so excited to share this post with you. I am not kidding when I tell you that you need to go ahead and bookmark this page right now. You are definitely going to want to have access to this gem 24 hours a day.

It turns out that one of my best friends, Angela (or, as she is better known, Angus) was a 2nd grade writing genius!

A couple of years ago Scott and I went to visit Angus while she was living in Charlottesville, VA. Another one of my BFFs, Sandra Dee, met us up there. 

We went on a nice hike.

Scott went for the sneaky, pop-up-head look.
We posed oddly on a rock wall.

Then, because it was a normal thing to do, Scott carried Angela's dog, Tenley in a backpack.

The hike was a lot of fun. Angela also enjoyed when Scott and I brought in firewood out of the wrong wood pile and her apartment EXPLODED (I mean EXXXXPLODEDDDD) with ants.

I know it is hard to believe, but we still had not gotten to the best part.

Somehow, we opened up the most magical discovery known to man. To the people in charge of the 7 wonders of the world: Pay attention! You may want to add this to your list.

Angela's 2nd grade journal! 

I took photos of every page because it was magnificent and I didn't want to forget a word.

Below, I have transcribed it for you, exactly as it was written. I highlighted my favorite parts. Please keep in mind that it was all written together with very few breaks.

this summer I went horse back riding and went to vriginya deach Thene we went to our grandfathers and thene we went home. Some bay I hope I can ride the horse of my Dreams the horse of my Dreams its dlack with a white mane and it run like the wind. I like my teacher ms. Revere is the best teacher in the world. If I were the president of the United States I'd Be nice to every person in the world. and I,D Be magic. So I code give everybody somehig they wanted. If my computer could talk it would say I hate you I hate you well thats your opinion show keep you're mouth shut.

Twas the nithg before Halloween when all thew the castle somting was going to hapen then ding dong it hapened it was 12:00 someting turble hapened. I was scured then I heard a noise then I got out of my bed I had to go real Dad so I went to the dathroom I opened the door and in the tolet was a geek so I fated

if I had three wishes I'd wish for three beautiful drees.

If I was in the Olympics I'd be in gymnastics because I love gymnastics and my Mom said if I ever felt I was to small but to make it to the Olympics is my goal
I think a Garrisonville Gator is always on the double because have'nt you heard of Gatoraid

Did it blow your mind?

Now, do you believe me about bookmarking it?

Angus agreed to do an interview about the world's best piece of writing and here it is:

Why were you so excited about a black horse with a white mane? 

We were completely obsessed with horses when we were little. Like obsessed to the point that we would hop fences and jump on random peoples horses if we happened upon them. I don't think a black horse with a white mane exists and I can only think that was why it was my dream horse.

Why does your computer hate you so strongly? 
Did computers even exist then? Ha! I know we did not own one but we had access to them at school. I think I was just looking to work that sweet comeback "well that's your opinion..." into my writing. Plus, a computer is pretty defenseless if things ever got physical so I wasn't scurred to pick a fight.

Did you and your computer have sassy exchanges often? 
I only remember having sassy convo's with my stuffed animals who I would wish to come alive everyday (seriously) so I would have friends to play with.

I'm not sure we ever really figured out what the turble thing that happened on Halloween night was. Could you expand on that? 

Maybe that's when the geek entered the house? I'm assuming turble must be worse than terrible and a geek in the tolet sounds like one of the most turble things that could happen to a person.

I would love to know what a geek was doing in your toilet. Any ideas? 
I think a geek is what I used to describe someone who was really scary or maybe I was afraid of becoming a geek in school and that was a metaphor for myself staring back at me from the tolet. Now that would be pretty turble!

What happened when you saw the geek? Did he cause you to faint or fart? Or was it a combo of both that you labeled as "fate"? 

I think it was a combo considering the location of the incident and the fact that I already had to go real DAD!

What does being on the double have to do with Garrisonville (impressively spelled right) Gators and Gatoraid? 

 I have no clue what any of it means. However, I picture myself looking like Phil Dunfey (modern family) when he stares into the camera with this "nailed it" face after stating what he thinks is one of the most profound statements ever. This was definitely one of my Phil Dunfey (sp?) moments. I can actually see myself having this crazy amount of satisfaction after coming up with what I thought was the most clever Garrisonville Gator motto ever!

Do you still think you would wish for three beautiful dresses if you were given three wishes?
I love how simple my wish was back then. Really makes me appreciate that age especially since it's nothing like what I would wish for these days but I do wish that life was still that simple and that if given the opportunity I would have no problem wishing for nothing but three beautiful dresses. Not a reality but still a nice thought :-)

If you need a little more Angus in your life, you can find her here and here.

Would You Rather Question Of The Day!

WYR... have to ride a black horse with a white mane everywhere you go (no cars, bikes, planes, scooters, tractors, etc)
have to end every other sentence with "fo shizzle"?

And a very Happy Birthday to one of my Aussie pals, Charlie!!!


  1. & no we are not photo shopped in front of Stonehenge we were all (Liz,Charlie,Jeanette,Jean, Kelly, Laura & Louise) there. Interesting that Lizzie and I have on matching pants.
    I love Angela's Journal and I believe you might even have one just like it.
    wyr: fo shizzle - I actually already do that now anyway!!!

    1. Ha that is funny that you and Lizzie are wearing the same pants.
      The photo is cut out because I had a bunch of postcards and cut out photos on the front of the big cabinet in my bedroom growing up.

      You do say fo shizzle a lot. JK.
      I had a bunch of WYRs already prepared. I will work on the more intellectual ones after I run out of the others. Not guaranteeing anything though.

  2. Man, that was such a fun trip! From the flesh eating ants to the geeks in the toilet, I've never laughed so hard!
    Before I can answer the WYR, what would I do if I needed to cross the ocean? I couldn't very well ride a horse? UNLESS it was a pegasus (horse that flies), thus allowing me access across the ocean.

    1. No flying horses.
      You can't cross the ocean unless your horse can magically swim across. And I am telling you right now that it can't.
      You know you like fo shizzle. just go for it.

  3. Although there were many misspelled words (including some very serious confusion about the difference between 'b' and 'd') the word 'fated' is the most compelling. I agree with Ang that it had to be a combo word, but we need confirmation. Contact her parents, find out if they ever found her passed out in an especially stinky bathroom (with an open toilet).

    1. Yes, Angus you are going to need to ask your parents some serious questions!

  4. Laura Phoebe Ross Spencer, thank you for sharing this, your random blog, with me, fo shizzle. My day had previously been far too ordered, fo shizzle. When I look in the toilet of my Brno, CZ hotel room, the only geek I see is the one staring back at me in the reflection off the water, fo shizzle. Regarding this installment of WYR, fo shizzle I'd go with the horse, because hey, free horse... fo shizzle.

    1. Tell Brno to catch another vowel, fo shizzle!
      I'll see what I can do about getting that free horse to you asap, fo shizzle!