Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Favorite Cora Photos! 4 to 5 Months Old, Part 1

Welcome back to the world of Cora!

Months 4-5 include Cora's first Christmas.

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We spend the night with Scott's family on the 23rd and celebrate Christmas with them on the 24th. Cora woke up a little early and somehow I got her back to sleep. I knew there was no chance she would keep the snoozing up if I put her in the crib so I laid her next to her snoozy dad.

Cora got lots of attention for her first Spencer Christmas. Pop (Scott's dad) was busy playing silly games with her. Her cousin, Wren, was more focused on helping Cora open her presents than on checking out what she got.

Cora loves her cousin!

The annual Spencer family photo. Scott's dad turned half dog.

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Aunt Kelly reading to Cora!

Cora opening her first present from her mom and dad. Truthfully, Scott and I didn't actually get her any presents. We knew she would have plenty and that she would be more interested in the wrapping paper. So, we wrapped up a Charlie Brown Christmas book that Scott won in a Christmas game.

I am trying to take in all the snuggly-ish time I can get!

Cora checking out her gift!

Grandmama helping Cora open her present. Cora did very well through all of the holiday commotion. She didn't get overwhelmed at all. (I promise... this is not directed at you, Grandmama). And apparently we got Grandmama Sprite for Christmas.

Emery loves flags. So, he gave Cora her first flag book!

Cora kept the same expression 99% of the time.

Scott's parents came over to have Christmas dinner with us. There was lots of fighting over who got to hold Cora.

Then Cora put on her doo-rag crown.

And Aunt Kelly put Cora in a bucket... one of our favorite games

Grandmama and Cora enjoyed getting bundled up and going strolling around the neighborhood.

Cora put on her jeggings and did some dancing with Aunt Kelly!

For some reason we decided to put together Cora's walker just before everyone headed home. Cora was OBSESSED with this walker until she could walk on her own.

All the ladies!

For New Year's Eve we went to the mountains with Scott's parents. We were trying to get Cora to check out the deer.

Finally, a smile for the camera!

And a little snuggle for Boo!

It was a long time from now before she started crawling but she did like to practice her moves!

Cora loved to write her family Happy Birthday signs!

And now... The Would You Rather of the day!

WYR... never be allowed to take a nap ever again
1/3 of your meals have a handful of anchovies in them?

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  1. What a very special first Christmas. Cora is a very lucky little girl. Can't wait for this Christmas, she is really going to be into the whole Christmas scene!
    wyr: no nap!

  2. I liked looking through those. No nap is the big time winner there.

  3. That was a great post!! I can't wait to see Cora again in less than a week!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

    WYR: nap, but that was a tough one because you know I love my naps.

    1. She can't wait to see you!
      You do love a nap.