Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Favorite Cora Photos! 7-8 Months Old, Part 2

Hey, you weekend people!
I am back with a look at the 2nd installment of my favorite Cora pictures from month 7 to 8!

She is riding a Dora car here, but she hadn't fallen in love with her Dora doll yet so this car didn't mean much to her yet.

Mama and her little headband baby.

Having a tea party with Grandmama!

She figured out the whole tea party thing and invited her dog, Violet, to the party.

Aunt Kelly and her bonnet baby.

Time for another tea party!

Blue t-shirt party, and a little hair pulling.

Mr. Dad and the bonnet baby!

Someone got intense on her car.

And, she made it up!

Are they making the same face?

I love that baby smile!

I think she is making the dog pant sound here.

Just waking up!

She thinks she needs to take control of the camera.

One more crib shot!

She's a stander!

Mastering the high five!

8 month birthday!

Boo and Cora!

The Pebbles look!

More Cora time: