Monday, February 18, 2013

The Master Bedroom Chronicles: Step 7: Make Some Wedding-Related Art

Last week, we jumped back into the Master Bedroom Chronicles with headboard-making in process.

Waaaahoooo! I know it didn't take all that much work to put a rug behind the bed, but man oh man was I excited to get that crossed off my list. 

With the headboard started I was on a roll to make the master bedroom better looking. I set my sights on some lovely art to go above the bed. At all times, I have at least 1,000 options of things I could hang up in the house. So, I consulted my stash of the goods and a few lists of other wall hanging ideas. And, I landed on wedding related art. Vague enough for you?

Scott and I got married almost 5 years ago and people do not lie when they say that time flies!

In the wedding invitations, I included a hand drawn map.  A friend of mine was nice enough to draw a picture of each location that needed to be included on the map (the hotel, the reception site, and the ceremony site).  He did an unbelievable job and I have always wanted to do something with his drawings.  
I scanned them into the computer and played with them a bit in Photoshop.  In the end, I used just one of the drawings (the ceremony site).  I colored three prints differently to bring in some of the colors in my bedroom.  I used yellow, blue, and brown.  

I bought a few different pieces of fabric that went with the color scheme in my room.  I put mats in the frames and I figured out which fabric looked best with which print.  The fabric got introduced to the ironing board so I could be sure it was looking its best. 
Mom, I know you're going to comment that I need a new iron and ironing board. 

It seemed like something was missing. Construction paper to the rescue! I made  little border of construction paper matting around each piece print. Then I glued the print onto construction paper so it would stand out a little more. Yep, construction paper was the first thing I thought of to use and I had plenty on hand because I am a 3rd grader. 

It turned out to be a little tricky to get the construction-papered prints to stay on the fabric.  So, I cut a hole in the center of the fabric (making sure I did it in a place where it wouldn't be seen).  I put a piece of paper behind the fabric and glued that piece of paper to the back of the construction paper. I am 100% positive there was an easier way to do this, but that was what I came up with.

I measured and hung them. It is never perfect on the first try so there may be an extra hole or two behind the paintings.

We are just a few steps away from crossing a Chronicle off our list!

Here are the steps from the whole process:

Step 1: Move in. Throw a bunch of random stuff into the room and live with it for a while to figure out how we wanted to use the space.

Step 2: Rearrange the furniture and add a seating area.

Step 3: Redo a desk with a funky chevron pattern.

Step 4
: Redo an old chair for the desk.

Step 5: New comforter and lamps.

Step 6: Headboard, Part 1

Step 7: Make some wedding related art.

Step 8: New entertainment center.

Step 9: Add some new art

Step 10: Headboard, Part 2. Finishing touches. Try to bring it all together.