Sunday, February 24, 2013

Internet = Busted

In my attempt to get my house super organized I completely messed up my internet. I spent all morning trying to get it up and running instead of other fun and productive projects that I had planned. So, we took a family trip to the library just so I could write a post telling my faithful readers that there would not be a post today... not an interesting one, anyway.

The library was having a 5 for a dollar sale on kids books and you know I am never one to pass up a good deal on books for teeny tiny tots. So, I am leaving with The Best Christmas Hunt Ever byJohn Speirs. It is a Where's Waldo-type book. Baby Max And Ruby: Love by Rosemary Wells. We have plenty of Max and Ruby books, but not this one. It looks pretty good! I also picked up a Clifford Phonics Fun book called Clifford And The Bath. I bought Little Puff by Margaret Hillert and illustrated by Sid Jordan because the illustrations look awesome. I will give you a peak at them when the internet at my casa is back and running. Speaking of casa, the last book I bought is a Spanish-English book called How Can I Get There?/ Como Puedo llegar alla?

Scott and Cora are now here to encourage me to get the heck off the computer. Cora is repeating "mom" over and over. Luckily, their arrival scared off the kids who were gathered around my computer reading what I was up to.

I looked through the photos that I had online on this accound so I could have something to put up for you. I found this one of my Grandma's very serious elementary class. I guess it was a different time back then because, these daysm, I cannot imagine having that many kids together and only one of them is smiling.

And, here is my dad when he was little.

Tada! That's what I have for you today!

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