Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Favorite Cora Photos: Month 8-9, Part 1

This is the first third of Cora's 8th to 9th month. Play it cool, people, play it cool. Yes, I said there will be 3 whole posts about one month of Cora's life. Yep. I could not get it down any further. 

Look at that little standing cutie! I found that little jeans overall skirt situation in her closet and realized that she had never worn it and had already outgrown it. So, I stuffed those chubby little baby-fatted legs into it for a few adorable photos!

Ahhh look at that little smile. That makes me want to run up to her room right now while she is sleeping so soundly and wake her up to give her a big cuddle.

For about 4 months of her life she was completely obsessed with opening and closing doors and hiding behind them.

She was very good at the open and close game!

Here are me, my babytoddler, one of her baby toddler friends, and two of my very best pals!

It is a good possibility that Cora just came from a rodeo with that fancy outfit on.

Big eyes and her smiley cousin, Wren!

Big eyes and her wide-eyed mama make another appearance!

Cool hat girl and her dad- just playin' it cool.

Mama and her jazzercised-outift baby.

Sorry, teenage Cora... we were doing so well for so long with you always wearing clothes.

All parts covered nudie bath girl

The cutest little duck in the world!

Grandmamas keep babies equipped with some seriously girly things, including huge flower headbands.

Flower head and her dad.

Just hanging out, eating some dirt.

Here she is playing tic-tac-toe with her dad in the park.

Dirt is delicious, but everyone knows that leaves taste the best!

More park time with my babytoddler!

I cannot wait for that little baby to wake up so I can squeeze those adorable cheeks (and take one thousand more photos that you won't see for at least a year- when we finally get to Best of Cora at 18 months).

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  1. You should show these to Cora and ask her if she eats dirt or leaves. Love these photos!

    1. I will have to give that a try! The answer will still be "NOOOO." She always answers those questions with no and then immediately shoves leaves and dirt into her mouth!

  2. great photos!!! Love seeing them!