Wednesday, February 6, 2013

OO: Tips & Tricks: The Garage, Part 3

This post isn't so much "tips & tricks" as it is "wahooooooooooo, we finally got the garage totally organized."

Cora spent the night at Scott's parents' house last weekend so we could get some stuff done around the house. We started early and worked hard, but it turns out that we were a bit over-ambitious.

We started clearing out the garage in the late morning and by the time Scott's parents came to drop off her a few hours later our house looked like this:

I am fairly sure they were scared to leave our little babytoddler in the hands of such maniacs. It seriously looked like a tornado had hit our house. My in-laws are generous people. Scott's dad threw on some painting clothes and painted the whole garage in an hour. Scott's mom watched Cora while I ran around trying to make the house a fairly safe place for a babytoddler.

The first step was clearing it out and getting rid of things. While I continued this process, Scott spackled some spots that needed it. He listened to basketball on the TV while he worked.

Scott washed the floors. We had epoxied them a few years ago so it was pretty easy to wash them. And then it was painting time. Garage cleaning tip: mix all of your unwanted leftover paint together to get enough paint to paint your garage. We ended up with more than enough paint in a pretty grey-ish beige color. I tried to stick to light neutral colors, but I did throw in a couple of blue paint cans.

Next came my favorite part... putting things back!

I am going to leave you with only one after photo because Scott stole my camera today and I didn't download the photos yet. SUSPENSE! Next time I will give you all the fascinating details of how I organized everything so it will be totally worth the wait!

Now, it's time for a little question session, one in particular. It is Wednesday's Weekly Would You Rather Question time!

the only songs you could ever listen to for the rest of your life were Day-O and Who Let The Dogs Out (Even when other people played music around you it was those songs)
never be able to listen to music again?


  1. I love it when we get things organized around the house! And I don't know how to answer your question. I can't decide which is the lesser of the two evils. LOL

  2. I hate that WYR. But I pick Day-O and Who Let the Dogs Out because 2 kind of lame songs are better than no songs at all.

    Also you really need a new camera. You can't be a megablogger without good photos!

    That was a great tip about mixing your leftover paint together for the garage! Very smart!

    1. I hate the WYR too! Thanks for answering it!
      I'm working on the new camera situation. Do you have any suggestions if I go super facry (DSLR)?