Friday, February 8, 2013

Building Birthday Dinosaur Hooks

I'm going to start you out with a little peak at what's coming your way!

Usually, I give the birthday shout outs at the end of the page, but today the whole post is birthday related. So, HAPPPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, smart, clever, talented, sweetie pie of a sister!
Look at that graceful little leg-warmer-ed cutie! Those leg warmers definitely came from one of our awesome Get In Shape, Girl kits! Anyone else remember that?

On to the dinosaur hooks! As I have told you before, my sister really likes dinosaurs. So, for her birthday I planned to make her dinosaur bookends like these:
I bought the dinosaurs and something didn't seem right. So, I tried to think what else I could make with plastic dinosaurs. I thought about making her awesome dinosaur jewelry or a dinosaur hat.
I knew that she would look beautiful in the hat, but I wanted to make her something more practical. 

Finally, I landed on dinosaur hooks for scarves or keys or cardigans or whatever else you want.

I started by cutting those dollar store dinos in half. I tried a knife and scissors. FYI the knife was the big winner there.

Then I did a little test positioning on the board (and took a super blurry photo of it).

Spray paint made its way onto the scene and temporarily dyed my fingers blue.

Hole drilling time.

I forgot to take a photo of the next step. So, please picture a very messy spackle application to the inside of the hollow dinosaurs. I did this so I could screw them into the board.

Next, I put some Gorilla Glue on the back of them and stuck them on the board. I managed to get Gorilla Glue all over the place and a big disappointed finger shake from Scott.
FYI- the dust all over the place is from drilling into the board.

Spray paint came crawling back on the scene and apologized for the blue finger situation.

I screwed the spackled dinosaurs into the board for a little extra stability and added a sawtooth hanger to each side.

All that work left me with quite the beauty. So, I did the normal thing and did a little photo shoot of Ms. Blue Dino Hook around the house.

Here she is in use!

Price Breakdown:
4 dinosaurs: $4
Board: free from my scrap wood pile
Gorilla Glue, spackle, screws: already had
Spray paint: $1
Sawtooth hangers: $1.50

= Grand total of $6.50!

Happy birthday, wonderful sister!!!!
I love you!


  1. Thank you for the amazing dino hooks. I love it! It looks awesome on my wall. Sorry you turned your fingers blue to make it, but it was worth it.

    And thanks for being the best sister in the whole world. Wish I was down there for my birthday!

    1. you're the best sister! I'm glad you liked them. I found more photos that would have helped this post out. So, I may sneak in a part 2.