Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Crafts, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you guys a heat shaved into a hairy back and some other pretty great Valentine's Day decorations.

I'm just going to show you a few Love-Day decorations for now. In a couple of hours Laurita's Cantina opens up and goes chocolate and pomegranate wild.

Aren't these the cutest vases you've ever seen? I imagined that it involved breaking out a needle and stringing teeny tiny hole punch pieces together. Nope, these people are way smarter than me. DOUBLE SIDED TAPE is where the secret lies below!

Pretty paper hearts. I am going to pretend like they used newspaper and are not responsible for tearing apart another lovely old book

This is just a framed sheet of chevron paper that says "I love you because..." and a dry erase board. I think this is a pretty fun idea to have hanging around every day. Today, if I were writing it to Cora, it would say, "I love you because... you told me when you pooped in your pants today." How about that, world (and 13 year-old-future-Cora? 
And, if I were writing it for Scott it would say, "I love you because... you offered to come home early because I was stressed about Cora being a bit of a crank-pants because her nap was terrible and also because you are cleaning the house right now while I finish my blog post." It is fun to think of reasons why you love people every day. If anyone else is interested in why I love them today just ask!
ps you can even get a free print out of their chevron and font here.
It is written in the stipulations of my blogging laws that each post contain at least 2 photos of garland. So, here is another lovely one!

Don't forget that I will be back later today with some Dark Chocolate Pomegranates With Coconut! 

Scott's Valentine's Day Wednesday Weekly Would You Rather Question:
get 1,00 flowers of your choice (loose, no beautiful vases)
a one hour balloon ride for Valentine's Day?

sources: heart banner, hole punch vases, dry erase, heart newspaper


  1. Flowers, for sure! That is a very un-Scott-like WYR. I like those crafts--very pretty.

    1. Thanks for answering! flowers? I would 100% choose balloon. Why flowers?
      And, yes, this is very un-scott