Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birthday Numero Uno! Part 2

Go ahead and pretend like this post isn't almost 6 months overdue!

A couple of months ago we took a look at the things that Cora did NOT have at her 1st birthday party. Now, it is time to get our eyes in gear for a look-see at what she DID have!

Cora had two 1st birthday parties! Lucky girl!

First, she had a party with Scott, me, Grandmama, Emery, Boo, Pop, Uncle Rick, Aunt Jennifer, Wren, and Aunt Kelly (she was via Skype).

Grandmama and Emery had the job of picking out the birthday supplies. I think I just asked for some crepe paper but they came back with about a quarter of Party City. Of course my mom would buy party hats lined with pink fur!

I was trying to keep it low key- a little crepe paper, some balloons, and a birthday banner.

In my head, low key meant that it wouldn't take much time at all to prepare for. So, just as everyone was showing up for the party I had my mom, Scott and Emery throw all of the decorations up while I finished the birthday banner. It ended up being perfect timing and who doesn't like a bit of pre-birthday stress?

I also bought a bunch of animal masks for everyone to wear. Cora thought that was pretty fun!

Scott made 5 or 6 home-made pizzas. He made a few funky ones including a delicious bean pizza. He also made animal-shaped iced cookies. 

I am a bit of a stickler about Cora's sugar intake (some people might say I am a huge stickler. So, Scott made a cake that those same people may not classify as a cake. We followed this recipe. It was made with whole wheat flour, wheat germ, ripe bananas, applesauce, and topped with yogurt.

We had been prepping her for the happy birthday song and she was into it! She gave the cake a taste and liked it. So, she stuffed the entire thing into her mouth.

Her cousin, Wren, was nice enough to help Cora open her presents. Cora wasn't into the present thing at all. She was too interested in talking to Aunt Kelly on Skype. Finally, we had to shut Aunt Kelly down so Cora would pay attention to everything else.

The whole she-bang ended with a major Cora head-conk. She doesn't usually cry when she falls, but this time she hit the corner of her little rocking chair pretty hard and had an immediate bump. So, she got some mama comforting and we wrapped the party up pretty quickly.

Fuuwwwwweeeeeeeeee it was a whirl-wind!

We had some friends over to celebrate her birthday the following weekend. At this party, Cora ran around the whole time picking things up from one area and bringing them to another- mainly dish towels. She was excited that people were singing her happy birthday again. And she seemed to like the idea of shoving some more cake into her mouth.

I'll wrap this birthday party up with a couple of family shots.

I'll show you more of the banner next time.


  1. What a cutie!! And a lucky little girl to have two awesome birthday parties. Your banner looks amazing.