Sunday, October 21, 2012

Birthday Numero Uno! Part 1

I am 2 months late on this but let's talk birthdays!

Hard-to-believe-disclaimer: There are actually no photos of Cora in this post. This is part  1. I promise you will get some Cora photos in the other parts. Now, grandparents, relax and enjoy some creepy clown footage.

We decided to have a low-key birthday celebration for Cora. Actually, we decided to have 2 low-key birthday celebrations for Cora. We had one with family and one with friends.

I had my mind set that I was going to keep it simple. No creepy clowns who make the kids cry (like my parents had at my 3rd birthday party).

That's me sitting on my mom's lap sucking my thumb and holding my security blanket. The  "creepy clown" is hanging out to the far left of the photo. Rat-tail, billowing sleeves, a gold vest, and an Olympic medal (?) around his neck... everyone knows that's what clowns wear.
At least he has a huge leopard printed tie and face paint.
Can you tell by the backs of our heads that we are not impressed with Mr. "Clown"? Louise (in the middle)... I like that rat-tail you're working with. Just wait until the clown turns around so you can see that you're twins!

No above ground pool or Slip 'n' Slide would be present at Cora's celebration.

No chocolate pizza (sorry Mali)!
Here I am blowing out the candles on my chocolate pizza birthday cake (my mom's specialty).

No Twizzler straws

No gumdrop trees

There wouldn't even be any bad perms at this birthday extravaganza.
Christina (Stewey)- are you always going to be the bad hair culprit?

No bizarre eyeglasses. No jingle bell PJs that go down to your ankles in August.
There are her beautiful glasses hard at work again!

No sleeping bags covering the house for this birthday party.

I've ruined all the fun? Is that what I hear you say... no slip 'n' slide, no perms, no creepy clowns. 

Well, what did we have? A BIRTHDAY BANNER!!!!
Here I am with the birthday banner that my mom put up every year. Going along with that tradition I made Cora her own banner.

Next week I am going to show you the birthday banners (yes, TWO of them) that I made for Cora. I am going to show you her cake face photo. I'll let you in on the secret recipe we used for her cake. I will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Cora's first birthday.

Until that time, stay busy by answering my WYR of the day.

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  1. That clown was worth it just for the story. I remember we sent him packing pretty quickly. I'm glad someone was taking care of the photo op for posterity.

  2. Yikes that is a REALLY creepy clown! I'm sure Cora is not sorry that you did not invite him to her first birthday party!

    I pick number 2....I hate waiting in lines!

    1. I think you're right, Sizzay! Cora would not have enjoyed that clown at her 1st b-day party. I will wait until her 3rd birthday before I find him!