Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ridiculous Polaroid 2

Welcome back to another edition of the Ridiculous Polaroid. We will take a look at 3 foolish photos and decide on a winner.

Last time's winner: Christina and her glasses!
Congratulations, Christina! I know you are honored. Let's see if you can hold onto your title.

Today, we are introducing a new candidate into the running. My cousin, Sara. Sara is known for her bowl cuts, rat-tails, sassiness, hilariousness, and for being one of the best first grade teachers around.

Welcome, Sara! I hope you can make the cut.

1. Let's take a look at what Sara (aka Sizzay) has to offer. 
Sara, that is an excellent haircut. It is doing you a lot of favors. You lucked out by having Uncle Keith's mustache in the background. That sweet 'stache increased your odds dramatically.

Sara worked hard to grow that rat-tail out and turned into a beautiful lady:

2. The angry porta-potty girl photo. My dad is a prankster. I have inherited this lucky trait from him. This photo is from about 1998. My dad, Kelly, and I were on a road trip up the east coast. I think we had stopped at a park. Kelly had to go to the bathroom. So, she stepped into her bathroom of choice- a porta-potty. My dad (jokster that he is) encouraged me to hold the door so she couldn't get out and so he could have enough time to get the camera ready to capture her face. Me (being the sweeeeet sister that I am) complied.
You cannot fully appreciate our faces because this photo has been poorly scanned in. After a few "LET ME OUT" yells I finally opened the door and Kelly came EXPLODING out, full of rage. Meanwhile, I am giggling like a huge spaz behind the door.
I am sorry, Kelly. I hope you have accepted my apology by now. I am sure that having this photo on the internet will make you forgive me.

3. Last but NEVER LEAST is the beautiful Christina. She is a fierce softball player. You would think so from that expression anyway. Look at that tough cookie. She has got the glasses working for her once again!

Be sure to get your vote in. Who is it going to be this time?

1. Silly-haired Sara
2. The porta-potty sisters
3. Cutthroat Christina


  1. I am the clear winner. Can't you see the HUGE chunk of hair that I am missing from my bangs??!! Not to mention I have a pretty sweet outfit on, as well! Ps. I teach Kindergarten silly lady! Loved this post today--we want these kinds of pictures on here more often!

    1. Oops! Sorry about that... Sizzay is a fabulous Kindergarten teacher!
      so, one vote for silly-haired sara.

      anyone else going to weigh in?

  2. PPS. I am also known for having some pretty great mullets as well.

  3. I am voting for one of my all time favorite pictures even though it is very grainy and doesn't capture the full fury on Kelly's face. The Christina photo is great! She looks to be very determined. The Sara photo is a distant third. I have seen pictures of Sara with way worse haircuts. Find one of those and forget about Keith and his lame stach.

  4. also, as I recall Kelly wouldn't talk to either of us for some time after this incident.

  5. Hahaha love the porta potty prank! Wish I could get a zoomed in look at kelly's face! I'm voting for Christina's photo though because I love the look of sheer will on her face. Get your softball on!

  6. hahahaha i love kelly's face but c'mon - look at christinas jean shorts! you can practically hear "eye of the tiger" playing in the background

  7. I vote for sara, that haircut is epic

  8. Nothing can beat stonewash jean shorts to the knees, a tied back mullet and that determiNed to intimidate face. She's got a bat in her hands I'm scurred!

  9. I vote for Christina. Dad is right, Sara's had way worse haircuts than that. And I'm still mad about the portapotty incident. That photo doesn't even come close to capturing my fury!

  10. PS. The funniest part of that picture is how much you are cracking up, not how angry I am.